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In their place has arisen a multi-headed beast, a real RICO-defying monster of a conspiracy, tying together viewers, characters and by far the biggest head producers.

The beast has been working since well before the turn of the century to up the ante on manipulative television, essentially by pitting Art and Life against each llve in a glorious mud wrestling match over who Sxy imitating whom. The results to date have been snigles, low-brow Sexy singles love tremendously engrossing. In other words, we have all been winning. Melissa won the trip and the money. But the key, olve absolutely essential ingredient in doing it right sinfles days, is the Sexy singles love to this mix of some sinister, manipulative element. And this is where the producer-head wins out, since it is never those behind the camera being manipulated.

A few successful examples should clarify what I mean, and hopefully shed some light on why Fox can no longer hope to impress us with above-average-looking non-actors whispering to each other on boats: Not an early entry in the post-Survivor feeding frenzy, but among the first of the now-ubiquitous Survivor In Love subgenre. A program which takes no apparent shame in its utter inability to ever match compatible people with one another. The couples suffer, the audience suffers. Somewhere, a producer cackles malevolently into his clipboard. That's what all out members used to think, but now they know. Free Hookups can make all of your wildest fantasies a reality. You have already wasted enough time wondering if this is for you, sign up now and we can show you all the gorgeous women who want to meet someone like you.

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