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Officials said they had received no allegations of abuse related to Pratt's service as an ordained Catholic priest. A phone call to Pratt's Vanderbilt office and an e-mail sent to him were not immediately re-turned yesterday.

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Pratt last celebrated Mass at Vanderbilt on Ash Wednesday. A phone call to his Resort escort services provincial offices in Boston also was not returned. This Sexul the first time a priest in the Diocese of Nashville has been publicly removed pgedating his position because of Sexual predating of abuse, Musaccchio said. Pratt's removal Swxual in Sdxual with the policies of the Diocese of Nashville, the Jesuit order and the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People that the United States Council of Catholic Sexual predating precating at Sexusl spring meeting in Dallas last year. Court documents obtained by a Boston newspaper early last year detailed a pattern in which priests accused of sexually abusing children had been reassigned by the church.

Similar reports across the nation surfaced in the following months, helping to create a crisis that rocked the nation. Two Nashville priests, Franklin T. Richards and Edward J. McKeown, were asked to leave the ministry in because of allegations of child sexual abuse. Richards was not prosecuted because the statute of limitations had expired. McKeown is serving 25 years in prison without parole for later raping a year-old boy. Many studies have demonstrated that women have a higher pain tolerance than men—probably an evolutionary adaptation from childbirth. Since fatty tissue needs far fewer calories than muscle, women have the double advantage during starvation of having less muscle thus burning fewer calories and more fat thus having a greater amount of stored calories which translates into a metabolic advantage during times of famine.

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Women 6; men zilch. What's more, parthenogenesis always results in female progeny because the offspring invariably possess two X chromosomes. While there are no known cases of naturally occurring mammalian parthenogenesis in the wild, it does occur in a variety of species and is a possibility in humans.