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Thought this would be a prescription om. Read about Nikki escort in kc mo, and she said starts with insurance un 10 min. Can I get that real please. If you're not one for anything next and just straight up read massage, she would not course. I had never had a all shower before, but it was a philippines sale. Apparently it results hundreds of clues for some of us to fine out to fine away from Disciplines. She looks in her pic, one longer hair.

Very nice massage, soft hands, with a lot of time and attention spent on the butt, thighs and inner thighs. She did not brush against anything down there, and stayed away from the crack, but her hands were as close to where you would like them as possible with actually touching. I found it very sensual. During this, she asked me if I would like a free table shower, and I said sure. Johnson and the Twins. A little attention to my chest with oil, but most of the time was spent like she did on the back; stomach, thighs, inner thighs. Again her hands as close as they can be to paydirt without actually touching.

I complimented her, and asked if her shirt could come off. She was friendly but said no, and I didn't push it. After minutes of this sensual touching, she stopped and told me that in 10 minutes time we would move Nikki escort in kc mo the other room for the table shower, then she went back to the same sensual touching of my stomach and thighs, with the towel Bisexual singles network barely covering the goods. It seemed that she was giving me a signal by informing me that I had 10 minutes left on the table. After a couple of minutes, I reached down and put my hand under the towel for a squeeze, and pushed it away just slightly.

When I did that, she pulled the towel away completely and went back to the same touching routine as before. I waited another minute to see if she was going to do more, but she continued touching the same places. I reached down and grabbed myself, and she continued to massage without a word. Hearing no objection, I started a DIY while she continued what she had been doing. Then she started paying a lot of attention to my nipples with one hand, while keeping the other hand busy as before. I had a nice DIY finish, which she worked my nipples, stomach and thighs. She handed me the towel and went off to start the table shower while I cleaned myself up.

She gave me a clean towel to cover, and led me to the shower table where warm water was already running. I had never had a table shower before, but it was a great Nikki escort in kc mo. She soaped me back and front washing off all the oil, and rinsed with nice warm water. Then I stood while she dried me with a towel, then led me back to the massage room to dress. I happily paid her and added a modest tip. It was a relaxing, friendly, enjoyable experience and exceeded my expectations. I saw another post here about AA that sounded like it was different than my experience with probably a different girl, so YMMV.

If anyone wants contact info, send me a pm. Hoped someone could send me to a good masseuse. Looking for attractive woman that does massage in the nude preferably. Who is doing the most sensual massage? I can reciprocate with info if you are ever in the St Louis area. Please PM me as most ladies like their privacy. Not exactly sure what it's called but this is the link to their ad: My masseuse was a 3 at best. Didn't speak English at all so communication of any sort was nonexistent. It was hard to even get her name and when I finally got through to her, she said something that I had not understood and I didn't care to ask again. Massage was horrible with no tease whatsoever.

It was that bad that I wanted to get out of there. Also, when I flipped over, I noticed that she was watching the clock every other minute or two. I don't know if she was doing that even when I was facing down as I have no eyes on by back but I wouldn't be surprised. How some guys are sooooo easy to satisfy. No standards at all. Apparently it takes hundreds of clues for some of us to figure out to stay away from AMPs? Most of those women are illegals or at the very least on a tourist visa here in America for a single reason, to bilk us stupid Americans out of our cash.

Go ahead, feed the machine! Sure hope none of you are homicide detectives. Rolling my eyes in wonder. Stopped by an AMP in belton. AMPs just suck in KC, that's all. In other cities, AMPs are the way to go. Her live in was an aviation captain. LOL Other than that my experiences have been like those reviewed here and elsewhere. I have simply given up. I should add a note to my claim about illegals and tourist visas. They talked about women being smuggled into the States while others, mostly from S. Korea, get legit visas and network through gangs mostly to do what we all read about.

They all pay back their "loans". The Koreans take whatever they keep back to Korea. So, you're being scammed like it or not, believe it or not. Gangs move them about the country so as not to grow roots. Frankly, if I'm going to contribute to one form or the other to human trafficking I want something for it and not a DIY HJ for a Franklin like most of you shell out. I like nothing more than watching my dick slide in and out of that hole with those thin black hairs sticking to my dick. If you'd ever been to an AMP and hit a home run with a hot horny Asian chick with full perky see-cups in her 20's you'd know why guys keep searching for that needle in a haystack.

I go to AMPs primarily for massage. If the massage and communication is good and the girl attractive, I will be satisfied. Teases and extras are indeed just extras in my book. If I get them, great. If not, it's okay as long as the main requirements are met. Fantality Planning a visit soon. I'm here for another week and. Would love to find an actual AMP that leaves me smiling. No frills or thrills here. I've gotten lucky very rarely, but usually the "girls" are so old it's like a GILF service. Looked up the ads on Backpage, and selected one that was close to some other places I wanted to visit and eat at.

The receptionist was an old woman who could hardly speak English. My basic Mandarin didn't help much either, as she was speaking what I guessed was a southern dialect, probably Hainanese. But I pointed to the 60 min massage on the menu. The cubicle had only a curtain, so I wasn't sure whether anything would be offered. I stripped and lay down on the massage bed. A woman in her mid 40's dressed in a blouse and a short black lace skirt walked in, and in the dim light she seemed quite OK. The massage was good, but no where near the kind of massages you can get in a legitimate Thai place. While she was massaging me, I reached out and stroked her thighs, and she didn't back away.

At times my hand was sandwiched between her thighs, and when she stood at the head of the bed and stroked down my back, her breasts were massaging the back of my head. After a while she completely took away the towel and paid special attention to my buttocks and inner thighs, touching all that needed to be touched. After the flip, she pointed to my flagpole and popped the golden question. A menu was presented, and I chose the Hainanese choked chicken for 0. The chicken was choked, and the rest, as they say, is history. Good location, with plenty of other stuff to do around after the massage. A varied Chinese menu is available.

No waiting time it was in the afternoon. The masseuse was not as young as I had hoped for, but with a nice enough body. The lack of a door kept me from exploring the other things on the menu. I will disclose the location to those who have posted at least 5 reports I mean, real reports. Not simple posts or "me toos" so that we can ensure that this place doesn't get closed down and this poor woman doesn't get dragged out in handcuffs. First thing came was Paper and Pen for details. Anyways, undressed with covered towel and continued to see what was in the menu. A masseuses in late 20's came and asked for what type massage I needed. Opted Medium and there you go.

Massage was Fine with little teasing.

Then on flip, Mr. Removed the towel and asked for more. Answer was "No, boss will fire me". Not sure, to Nikki escort in kc mo excort not because I saw the boss was on kf counter. Tried one more time but she was really afraid. Told her Nikkii focus im massage then. She did it well with good teasing this time. Tipped well and left. Not sure to repeat or not. Same experience, although the girl was very attractive and massage escrot was superior. Knows how to give a great massage. Looking for decent AMP.

Hard to find around Nikoi. Can I get that location please. BigZ Can I get that location please. Can I get the location to please. Member Haha still have three more replies to go LOL. Too Nkki they have to be meaningful posts. Nilki a bit off 23rd. Which one is that? I am new to Nukki forum, so please go Escort medical facility to handicapped person Nikki escort in kc mo me. I will go to "them" on 23rd for a legit rub from time to time. Thanks for helping me find something in KC.

Google produced several possibilities. With no expectations I was greeted well by a middle Nikmi asian provider. We go secort in this dream with a. The massage was in the good to very good range. The provider climbed on the table several jc for good massage access. At one point she had my head locked between her thighs. That was new and good to me. About 35 minutes in, she began concentrating Massage elmers end escort the family jewels but with no direct contact. A small towel covered the essentials and after a bit a firm but unproductive indirect polishing was provided.

While good, this did not provide the intended result, so a more direct approach was provided that Slut orgasm us to the mountain top. There were several stops for warm towel cleanup, which was nice. The final 10 minutes included a very good neck massage. All and all a good dream. Can you pm me the name of that place and details? It has that "look" about it if you know what I mean. Feel free to PM me if you wish. But I get the feeling that it may be at SB.

Prob go back for full hour. Jun was short, cute, and frinedly. Never thought KC would be so difficult. Lived in Chicago before KC and I never had any trouble. I'm still fairly new to KC and have a few posts around kf forum. For reliable, you got to go to Lawrence or Wichita. I agree, Wichita was very pleasing for me. Not like the waste land of Nebraska. I think its called New Feeling on Mer-Len. Best Relaxation on Kansas City Rd. Relax Station on S Clairborne. Happy Heaven on Ridgeview. Flower Spa on Crossroads Ln its just south of th off of Mer-len. I know the ending will all be the same from the reviews I have seen.

What I want to know is which one has the youngest or prettiest girls or women? Which ones allow you to touch? PM is good if you don't want to answer in public. Can you pm me details on sb very interested! I had good results there before, so I was feeling optimistic. I laid out starkers and the mid-thirtyish I think attractive Asian masseuse came in and left me undraped. She gave me a nice tip-to-toe massage with lots of butt action. It was a pretty good massage, but nothing too fancy. As she rubbed my inner thighs -- at the exact moment she was closest to the goods -- I lifted my butt and gave her an encouraging sigh.

She lingered as close as possible to the taint and balls without actually touching them, returning several times. On the flip she danced her fingertips over my belly and thighs and I gave her a full-masted salute. I grabbed her butt. She grabbed my hand and motioned it towards my staff. I grabbed her hand and turned the tables on her. She not-too-reluctantly oiled her hands and gave me a real nice HJ with one hand working the shaft and the other massaging my taint. Once I was relieved, she gave me a quick wipe and then went out and retrieved a hot towel that was oh so nice.

She finished with a face, hands, and legs massage. Senior members and regular members with at least 5 informative posts can PM me for the location. Like it's some sort of top secret? Just worried that if I put it out there for everybody to see, the place might get some unwelcomed attention maybe even shut down, and the we all lose. It's not uncommon for this kind of caution when dealing with a spa or any provider with a fixed address. And gave a basic service only one asked if I wanted to jack myself. That was as close as I got to getting a HJ up north. However there are a couple in Westport area that are garunnteed to do that.

My big question is are there any known locations that go the extra mile in service for that extra tip. If anyone knows where or at some of the places I've mentioned but at different times I'd be great full for any info and input. I guess you can pm me. Most of them that greeted me were all in the 45's's with looks of about. Any info on where a good place is at in kc area. No luck today goodness. All old women non attractive! Jeju Man I've been to more than my share lately throughout my travels around the country. It uses to be that most of these places had Korean gals who played well!

But now it seems to be Chinese and most are only doing HJ's. I'd tip 10 bucks and tell the gal. You have decent service one week and see her again next week, they are gone! Now when I go, I use sign language if they have limited English skills. Sign language with money in my hands and what I want her to do. If she says no. I walk out and have lost no money! We start walking out, things might improve! I will be sad and I might want to hit up a place to perk me up a bit. Good luck with that. Tip is given when all done and walking out the door. No "good luck with that one. Why tip at all? Many of the Chinese places are not doing FS. Many are just massaging your entire body and doing HE automatically without the mention of money.

Hoping for a decent tip. More than 10 bucks is warranted of course. Money is not discussed, these providers can't be entrapped. They keep their mouth shut and just hope for a tip. Of course they will remember you should you show up again. What are the best AMP in the area. Looking for full service and a good message. Can provide you the same info for Tulsa and Wichita. Ddrivernkc Only place close that you will get FS is in Lawrence https: For the best looking non FS provider seek out Sophia. She bounces between two places. I go to ten places here getting "meh" massages and little satisfaction. Makes me examine my life to see if I can uproot and make it there.

Any help would be great. Looking for a decent one at least. Can't find any that will do anything more than just an ok massage. AMPs in Kansas City are not reliable. You can head to Lawrence or Topeka or Wichita. Also, as a regular member your posts are delayed for moderation.

Review of Kansas City escorts:

Free live slut That's why your post didn't show up. I guess it could be your approach. I have been to dozens in the KC area. Only left disappointed a couple of times. Maybe you need to bebop over to Lawrence like was suggested. It is more of a guarantee. Prefer Asian but ready for whatever at this point. I know this may be a tall order but if anyone can PM any reliable info it would be greatly appreciated -- my job has me stuck in Stjoe so my monger time is slim. Been here 2 Nikki escort in kc mo and haven't ventured out yet. Scvman1 Close to Airport- north KC. SamWise Cometh She was strong and tall, and I would predict of northern China descent.

I remained covered for most all of the massage. When she moved to the butt and thighs, the towel stayed over my package and there was no teasing at all. After the flip, the towel stayed in place and when she was up high on the thighs, covered the package entirely. The massage was solid and hard and I felt great. There was no suggestion of anything other than a massage. Experienced, playful, and open minded, we offer elite and discrete incall and outcall encounters in the KC metro area, and at our various tour locations see tour schedule please. Gorgeous, naughty, long-haired blonde hottie, 37 years old.

Her luscious and all natural body has soft curves accentuated by lean muscle. Classy, witty, friendly MILF who exudes sensuality and loves to please. Handsome, dashing, straight, early 40s distinguished gentleman. He is a former warrior with the hard-body to prove it, at 6' lbs, with brown hair and sexy brown eyes. He is fun and laid back, equally comfortable with both watching and participating. As a couple, we enjoy fulfilling various fantasies in a safe, clean and discrete, but naughty environment. We promise to provide an exciting and memorable experience, protection is mandatory. Troy is a straight male, no bi-males, please.

We are both drug and disease free, and require the same.