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If you have satisfying sex once a day, you may experience an eight-year age differentiation. Another study, Mraried Queens University in Belfast, Northern Ireland and published in The British Medical Journal, studied 1, married Matt summers escort over a year period, finding that peple men live pwople to Married people single sex 3 years longer than unmarried counterparts, in part because sex delivers a natural high in the form of the psople "feel-good" hormone, oxytocinproducing a feeling of tranquility and happiness, and lowering blood pressure, which also provides protection against heart attacks and strokes.

Research by Kahneman, Krueger, Schkade, Schwarz and Stone found, among a sample of 1, employed women, that sex was rated as the activity that produces the single largest amount of happiness. So why are the marrieds having so much more sex than the singles? Married couples have usually worked out an elaborate set of verbal and non-verbal cues that are easily read. A single wink while sharing dinner can speak volumes. Sometimes a gesture as simple as a touch or a smile can be enough to extend an invitation. Fro many couples, a single word or sentence can be sufficient. Freedom from fear of rejection. Nearly everyone has sexual fantasiesand sharing the details can be intensely erotic and pleasurable.

Emotional intimacy as great foreplay.


Married a little over a year and we have a 2 year old. I'd say times a week. I'd be ok with times a week while he would prefer times a week. We work opposite schedules and have had very, very busy weekends. We are both sad about it, but deeply love each other. We went from about times a day, to times a week. We do the sex about once every 10 days. She's just started her third trimester, though, sooo On average we have sex three times a weekbut sometimes it's every day. What's more important is we talk and cuddle every day.

When things are not closed singgle maintenance about five times a week. Married almost 15 years. It's all over the place. Life is really crazy right now. We're both working, both in school, and have a 5-year-old son. Sometimes it's 3x a week, sometimes it's none. Our quota is four times a week. Although 'quota' sounds weird, we joke around about it and it's a way for us to remember that although we're busy with life, we still need to have some romantic time with each other to stay sane.