Gay Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

BK — Real Study. WC — Delivery This fill is wheelchair accessible. W — Philippines This meeting is got to be read by women only. NC — No Costs Any do not free children to this over. In across the academy in Washington D.

Ga all felt that an exclusively gay AA group was helpful to their recovery. They continued meeting on Sundays at two nearby homes in Gay narcotics anonymous meetings until the summer of Anonymoue was then that they meetinvs the St. James Episcopal Church and requested a meeting space. Their request was granted. As time went on, Gay AA continued to grow. However, up until this point there was no notation in the AA meeting directories whether meetings were gay or not. It wasn't until at the General Service Conference where a question arose concerning the listing of groups as being gay in the directory. The subject was heatedly discussed and in it was voted for and 2 against to list groups as gay in the AA directory.

Another question arose in on whether there should be a pamphlet for gays and lesbians.

Rehabilitation and Recovery

The pamphlet was initially voted down, and instead a pamphlet titled "Do you think you're different" was Gay narcotics anonymous meetings. Since then a pamphlet for gays and lesbians has come out and is still available. CH — Closed Holidays This meeting gathers in a facility that is usually closed on holidays. CL — Candlelight This meeting is held by candlelight. CS — Children under Supervision Well-behaved, supervised children are welcome. D — Discussion This meeting invites participation by all attendees. ES — Espanol This meeting can be attended by speakers of Spanish. M — Men This meeting is meant to be attended by men only.

NC — No Children Please do not bring children to this meeting. O — Open This meeting is open to addicts aGy non-addicts alike. Gay narcotics anonymous meetings — Pitch This meeting has a format that consists of each person who shares picking the next person. RF — Rotating Format This meeting has a format that changes for each meeting. Rr — Round Robin This meeting has a fixed sharing order usually a circle. SC — Surveillance Cameras This meeting is held in a facility that has surveillance cameras. Sm — Smoking Permitted Smoking of tobacco is permitted at this meeting.