Garmin Escort C550

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Note that it only supports English, it doesn't support Chinese Character display even. So the music still play. Otherwise the Fscort navigator can display road condition right on the map, which helps you avoid traffic jam or road construction. However, I like this feature. Today, I was stuck in a traffic and I decided to drive off from the planned route.

Initially, the GPS recalculate c5500 path in an attempt to Gar,in be back on the and same road. Garmin escort c550 click on the menu button and click on detour. It recalculate a new route for me. This is a Garmib function. You have all the confidence that you know you won't be lost. Except you may take a longer path. Here is something that I don't like Volume dial is too sensitive - you can easily turn it on too loud or too low in volume The North American map v8 is obviously not up to date in my area, because it was missing a number of roads.

I was searching for the nearest staple, but it gave me one that 9km away, where there is one only about 4 km away.

Location on the map is very accurate Easy to mount and take off from the window mount As you drive, Fat ass white sluts shows you the street's name ahead, so you don't have Garjin browse around for street sign Performance Garmin escort c550 The location search is pretty fast. If you took another route, the recalculate of your trip route is recalculated, and it is pretty fast too. I am guessing the performance of the route Garmih is based on the complexity of your begin and destination direction.

But don't take my Garmin escort c550 right now, I have to Gramin it more. Display 3" x 2. The 2D map and 3D look cartoon-ish, but I see that it is effective when you are driving. It let you get the information fast and focus on the road. The screen shows the street's name that you are approaching, f550 estimated speed of your vehicle and the driving direction. I am glad that it doesn't Touch Screen The button on the screen is easy to touch. User inference is simple to use. Volume It can go pretty loud. The text to speech is pretty clear. More Testing Later I didn't do much testing Gas costs a lot.

I still need to test the following. This portable navigator comes ready to go right out of the box with preloaded maps and a wealth of options. Delivering the same easy to use and affordable navigation as Garmin's c series of vehicle navigators -- including a simple touchscreen interface, automatic route calculation, turn-by-turn voice-prompted directions, and over six million points of interest -- the StreetPilot c also offers Bluetooth wireless technology with hands-free calling, an integrated traffic receiver, an MP3 player, and much more. Navigation is easy with a touchscreen interface, voice-prompted directions, and more.

Compatible with Bluetooth wireless phones for hands-free calls. This means you'll always know precisely where you are. Meanwhile, an automotive-grade, sunlight-readable, 2. With dimensions of 4. The unit also features Garmin Lock -- an advanced anti-theft feature that disables the unit from performing any functions until you type in a specific four-digit PIN or take the unit to a predetermined location. The StreetPilot c also includes Bluetooth technology integrated with a microphone and dual speakers that lets you make hands-free mobile phone calls on a compatible Bluetooth wireless phone. You can view incoming calls on your c, and simply tap the screen to answer. Just speak into the built-in microphone while staying focused on your driving.

In addition, you can retrieve and dial numbers from your personalized phone book or the phone's call history log.