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Assures strict adherence to established rules, regulations and security procedures. Incumbents will be assigned duties in the areas listed below Douglas co escort a rotating basis, or as needed, dependent on departmental needs. Report any suspicious activities to Duty Supervisor. Control and distribute keys to authorized personnel. Maintain log, assuring all keys are properly accounted for and returned at the end of each shift. Complete incident reports; maintain and update required logs, head counts, shift reports and other documentation. Report and coordinate head counts with designated personnel. Assure pertinent information is passed on to oncoming shifts. Utilize intercom system to page individuals, relay messages and announcements, and to coordinate responses to emergency situations.

Answer and direct telephone calls. Test all surveillance equipment and radio alert buttons, and document. Escort detainees Douglas co escort outside appointments. Respond immediately to emergencies medical and disturbances and crisis situations. Follow directions of the Duty Supervisor. Conduct shakedown of designated areas; strip search detainees during check in procedures and upon return from outside appointments medical visits, court appearances, etc. Monitor and oversee visitations, reporting any unusual activities. Other Duties and Responsibilities Serve as a counselor to the detainees as needed. Listen to detainees' issues and provide constructive feedback and appropriate advice.

They rushed her to the emergency room where she recovered. It took the parents a bit longer. Pot-laced foods -- called edibles -- are legal in states like Colorado, but because it takes longer to feel the high compared to smoking marijuana, sometimes people eat too much. One man fell to his death from a fourth-floor hotel balcony in Denver when he began hallucinating after eating an entire marijuana cookie. He was only supposed to eat a small portion. The parents say they learned the operation has high school students selling the edibles to kids, right under the noses of teachers and administrators. We alerted law enforcement about our project, placed an order, then waited in a Douglasville shopping center parking lot for delivery.

And up walked year-old Addea Simmons with our box of brownies. Barely an adult himself, Simmons is the admitted baker and apparent brains of a fast-growing operation. We wound up with 12 large individually wrapped brownies. On the way, we added in 12 brownies and other treats we bought from a grocery store.

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ci The lab found no marijuana in those control products. However, the Trill Treats brownies revealed THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, with levels at least three times the accepted dosage in pot-legal states like Colorado. How confident are these results? Certainly for someone who's not -- or a naive user -- I would say that would be a tremendous amount of THC to ingest in one sitting. Gibbs pointed out the danger is growing. But this time we weren't the only ones nearby.