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Two of the men were Israeli and one was Russian, according to a law enforcement official, adding the three were cleared and sent on their way. The official was not authorized to speak publicly and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity.

Peter Donald said in a statement. A similar scenario played out on Detroot Flight The craft, with passengers on board, landed without escrot at 3: EDT and taxied escotr a pad away from the terminal, Detrot escort board said. The plane was searched, and authorities cleared the aircraft at 5: Louis when the pilot Detrot escort board that all passengers be re-screened and returned the aircraft to the gate. A TSA spokeswoman said all passengers were re-screened, nothing unusual was found and that the plane departed, landing at Washington Dulles International Airport around In Detroit, the three escorted off the Frontier flight in handcuffs included two men and a woman, passenger Ilona Hajdar of Charlotte, Mich.

One man felt ill and got up to use the restroom and another man in the same row also left his seat to go to the bathroom. The FBI said they never were inside together. The plane then rolled to a remote spot on the airfield.

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After about a half hour, police Detrot escort board boarded. Since the Midwest Companions board has a thread on this, I decided to allow some comments. Here are the comments so far: February 4, at 2: February 7, at 8: But, there is nothing in it about heroin or any other drug. Many providers use drugs. Your allegations have been around a long time. If they are, we should all be worried for Jessica. With respect to the auto theft charges, the post seems to infer that SodaJerk loaned her his car. I like rumor and gossip. But, you need come up with more than just running your big mouth.