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Biography I am happy that you are using this web site and hope that you found it useful. Unfortunately, the cost of making this material freely available is increasing, so frdeerick you have found the fredericj useful and would like to contribute towards its continuation, I BBridget greatly appreciate Bridget escort frederick. Click the button to go to Paypal and make a donation. Frederick Gerald Byng The Hon. Escorg marriage produced five sons and eight daughters, one of whom died young. Three of the sons frderick military or naval careers, with two attaining the rank of admiral. Their youngest Bridvet was known to Regency society as escoet Byng.

He became a vestryman of St James's and a member of Bridyet Westminster commissino of Sewers; on retiring from the Foreign Office inhe devoted himself to the sanitary movement. A number of stories exist for the nickname "Poodle". It was said that the name was given to him by George Canning on account of Byng's curly hair; Bynd told the Hon. Leveson Gower that it was given to him by "some charming lady he had courted". It is also claimed that Beau Brumell gave Byng his nickname. Byng was fond of letting his light hair curl around his forehead. He was one day driving in his curricle with a poodle at his side when the Beau hailed him with "Ah, how d' ye do, Byng?

A family vehicle, I see. Byng claimed to have been a page of honour at the Prince of Wales' wedding in but all he could properly recall was the thickness of the Prince's calves. Byng was also one of the group who sat with Beau Brummell in the bow window at White's, judging the dress of passersby. The print is the property of Sarah Fletcher; my thanks to her for allowing me to use the image. Click here for a larger image and more details. In Shosanna's office, Landa quickly unmasks Bridget and strangles her to death. Personality Edit Bridget is a by the book actress and an excellent double agent.

She uses her charm as a tool to hide her intentions and will not hesitate to kill if her life is in danger. Although she is quite polite and friendly, she killed Wilhelm without remorse, violating Aldo's deal with him, for insulting her. Much of her real personality was revealed in a conversation with Aldo after she was shot, showing her to be very cynical and sarcastic, although this was understandable as she was injured.

She displayed fear when Landa questioned her about the shoe. Here, the freerick is twisted into a Bridget escort frederick way of discovering her identity. One of ffrederick main sources of inspiration for the character of Bridget von Hammersmark is the Hungarian-born actress Ilona Massey. The dress worn by Bridget at the film premiere is very similar to one worn by Massey in the movie International Lady. Among other things, a song from the soundtrack of this film sung by same Zarah. Goebbels met her at one at a party, and asked her provocatively: Isn't that a Jewish name?

But what about Josef?

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Behind the scenes She was played by Diane Kruger. Her character is inspired escprt famous German actresses of the time including Leni Riefenstahl and Marlene Dietrich. Nastassja Kinski was in talks for the role of Bridget Von Hammersmark. Quentin Tarantino even flew to Germany to meet the actress, but a deal wasn't reached. Ironically, because Diane Kruger's best known performances were in English speaking films, Quentin Tarantino thought she was an American, and doubted whether she could master the German dialogue and accent.