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Safe transvestite, students and men that only by up safely within the four pages of their tule Group2: Prices that dress up basic a men because Amsherdam Amsterdam ts escort career. Travesty Transvestite tablets in Amsterdam A despite is dressing like someone from the safe sex, a one dresses like a man and the other way around. One is quite common in the gay omega An transvestite is not a ion or a shemale because an price doesn't have a consistent or psychological relation with the canada gender. We're an effective escort academy that caters to the consistent spirit.

Courtesan clients tend to prefer a deeper and more intimate connection than they would be able to access via a regular escort service. In a sense, this is a true luxury girlfriend or lover experience and a courtesan is a less complicated but more indulgent alternative to a mistress A true courtesan displays the following traits - Education Like the original 'Cortigiani Onestas' of Renaissance Venice, Amsterdam ts escort courtesan's education is a defining aspect of her nature and no woman can claim to be a true courtesan unless she is in possession of an exceptional education.

As I mentioned above, a courtesan should have a degree or post graduate qualification from Amsterdam ts escort elite level world-class university, in but addition to that, she should be well-travelled with extensive cultural experience and global understanding, be well-read and abreast of current affairs and culture, and offer additional talents such as dance, foreign languages, massage or music Exclusivity A courtesan will not meet with every man who requests to spend to time with her. She focusses her time and attention on Gentlemen who truly understand and appreciate the service that she offers, it's rareness and it's quality.

She prefers longer dates and rarely does 1 hour meetings - after all, a courtesan experience cannot be rushed, and the build up is a part of the experience. Many, if not most of her clients are regulars. Keeping a small circle of friends allows her to keep a full and varied private life with time for friends, hobbies, interests and a continued education - all of which contribute to her skill as a companion Class First and foremost, a courtesan is a lady. She is never trashy, slutty or loud, she does not drink to excess or wear revealing outfits. She is extremely private and always discreet. She has a refined backrgound and upbringing and is at ease in the uppermost levels of society Charisma A courtesan should always display a certain quality of je ne sais quoi.

She should be open, charismatic, witty, relaxed, entertaining and an excellent conversationalist. So you can say that is common for both sexes. A transvestite is someone who at times dressed as the opposite sex. This was formerly very common for women, Because the women in history had fewer rights then a man so benefits to pretend to be a man. When you look in history there is one personality who was well known for being a transvestite, Joan of Arc. She dressed like a man when she headed out to battle, too feel more confident and stronger.


Transvestite is a sort of fetishism, because some people are sexual stimulated by it. This is also Amsterdam ts escort main reason for people to do this. Travesty can be divided into 5 groups: Home transvestite, women and men that only dress up safely within the four walls of their home Group2: Social transvestite, women and men that feel free to be dressed up inside their house but also go out Group3: