34ddd Escort

In fill for 34ddd escort night, day or not enough by to check does out, well this 34xdd why the ad is this can and hopes it prices you out. Oh and I have a store of humor, I card you do. I am effectively bisexual, and will see admissions for the same consideration I ask of alternatives alone. I'm 5'5" where and buy pounds. Any cost is available and flexible in more ion than one, LOL. If it isn't and you'd except to buy it for me, that's cool too.

I am truly bisexual, and will see couples for the same consideration I ask of gentlemen alone. Where are you based?

I live in the Seattle, Washington escor, but can easily 34ddd escort to other cities such as Spokane, Portland, Eugene, and San Francisco, etc which 34edd no more escrt a hour drive away. Will it be possible to extend our date if we're really enjoying ourselves? If I don't have another commitment and it doesn't delay my beauty sleep by an excessive amount, I'm generally 334ddd and flattered if a gentleman wants to spend even more of ezcort valuable dscort with me. How far in advance should I book our appointment? It 43ddd depends on how far I need to travel. If I'm on tour I might even accept a same-day appointment if you have complete screening information and good references I can contact right away, but even then it's better to contact me at least a day in advance.

Once I make an appointment I never cancel unless there's some dire emergency, and needless to say those are quite rare. So the longer you wait to make the arrangement, the greater the chance that I will already have plans for your desired time and date. When I'm not on tour, the more notice the better; the farther I have to travel, the more time I need. Are your rates negotiable? I consider haggling not only distasteful, but indicative of either a lack of respect or an attempt to play a power game.

If you feel I ask too much, it would probably be best for you to find another lady who does not rather than wasting both of our time in an unsavory and unproductive discussion. Do you see disabled clients? I am happy to see disabled gentlemen, and in fact offer an extra hour at no charge to those whose disabilities require us to proceed more slowly. Do you take wardrobe requests? I always try to dress appropriately for the occasion, but if you have some specific type of clothing in mind I'll be happy to accommodate you if such an item is in my wardrobe. I am sweet, caring, adventurous, and naughty.

Salma Valentina

34fdd I love to have a good time and usually get caught up with you. Therefore, unrushed is an understatement. But, I conduct business in a very professional and discreet manner. My sessions 34ddd escort massage and gfe ewcort, and playing is a gift in life that I believe should be mutually enjoyed. I do believe this should be a fun, relaxing, and personal encounter. Talking and having a GFE is very important to me. Encounters should be more than just a cold handshake for both of us. Each session is unique and flexible in more ways than one, LOL. I guarantee an unrushed time with gentlemen that are well mannered. Are you ready for a unique and outstanding experience? I promise to surpass your expectations.