1999 Zx2 Escort

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It descends on a sand-swept ribbon of worn pavement into a fiery wilderness of salt flats stretched between 1999 zx2 escort peaks with sobering names like Funeral and Coffin. We take grave escoort as we steer Ford's too-cute subcompact ZX2 coupe. What we sought was a severe road challenge — tightly wound ezcort and abrupt desert bumps to push suspension to the hilt, vast pancake flats for running at high speed, and long mountain grades to sample the car's inherent strength. Surprising kick What we encountered in a run along Routestrung from Shoshone to Badwater over Jubilee Mountain, was a course that exceeded every expectation — but so did the sporty little ZX2 coupe.

For an itsy-bitsy car, ZX2 puts a surprising kick in the accelerator, due to tweaks of Ford's twin-cam 2. Hit the throttle and this two-door Escort leaps off the line and snaps through lower gears, then holds its own at higher speeds and doesn't fade when taxed on extended uphill grades. Review continues below Quick rack-and-pinion steering enables driver to execute exacting left-right-left maneuvers through chicanes of the snaky Jubilee course, while solid stabilizer bars fore and aft in the independent suspension system check excess body sway and help stabilize the car in motion.

Escort coup The origins of the ZX2 trace to the Escort redesign of two years ago.

1999 Ford Escort

At that point, Ford dropped a popular wagon 1999 zx2 escort hatchback and stuck simply with a sedan and the coupe. This coupe earns its own distinctive exterior styling and carries a larger engine and sport-tinged suspension. It also earned the funky name. Take the "Z" from Ford's 1999 zx2 escort engine, then apply an "X" to denote twenty-something Generation Xers targeted by the car's marketing plan, plus a "2" for the two-door coupe concept. That chassis was enlarged and strengthened with a revamped front structure and more rear braces to absorb shocks. It feels notably stiff, which helps to reduce noise and vibrations and also adds to the car's overall control.

What do you think? I'm also wondering about it's safety. There seem to be mixed reviews on that. Some people say it saved their lives, others say it doesn't take t-bone crashes well. It is for my 18 year old son. It's fairly unusual for them to last that short. Honestly, unless there was a defect in manufactureing the only way I'd see that happening if someone didn't take care of it at all. My old Zx2 was one of the ones that had constant problems though the only one I knew of. Granted what broke was never that major.

All escor in 1. In my opinion a pain in the arse, but everyone else I've known to have em 1999 zx2 escort em, escoft the person I sold mine to hasn't had a problem with it. They are easy to work on which is a good thing, pop the hood and see for yourself, every regular maintainence item seems to lay out right in front of you with room for access. Only exception might be the fuel filter which is behind the engine and down abit near the firewall, shouldn't be hard to find just sometimes a pain to get off.