1991 Ford Escort Transmission Filter

With the car overnight, check the dipstick. Don't use effective towels or anything in to dry the pan, I work you much let it air dry. Overnight is the fuel filter on a safe escort. The fuel filter is located on the counter of the academy in the engine compartment about except way down. If you pan has a real plug, loosen it and buy the old fluid.

The automatic transmission is one area of the vehicle that very few people consider, because it is out of sight. Consider the advantages of regular vehicle maintenance with a change of the fluid and filter. Bclear Where is the transmission filter on a Ford Probe? You'll want to pick up a few containers of transmission fluid that trxnsmission ford's specs for your tranny. You'll also transmissikn to look 1991 ford escort transmission filter your car, and count the number of bolts on the transmission pan, because some cars have different pans. Compare the new one to the existing pan to be extra sure.

Once you've got the parts, you may want to warm up the fluid a bit So take it for a brief spin around the block. If you pan has a drain plug, loosen it and collect the old fluid. If not, start by loosening the bolts a bit, and remove all but the ones on the front of the pan, so it can hang and drain out that way. Just a note, sometimes a bolt or two will be behind a support bar or something, I recommend you get a wrench or a swivel socket. Make sure you don't bend the pan. Once the fluid is out, remove the pan, and clean the gasket mating surfaces.

Recommended Type of Transmission Oil for Ford Escort. How Much Do You Need

Once done with that, the filter should 19911 held in by a bolt transmidsion two. Remove it, and the filter should then come right out. There will likely be an "o" ring that goes on the top of fod filter. Make sure you install the new one with the kit before installing the new filter. Bolt the new filter in. When cleaning the pan, make sure you remove the magnets and clean them too. Check for metal fragments. A dust, 1991 ford escort transmission filter dull silver muck is pretty normal, but pieces of metal are not. Don't use paper towels or anything linty to dry the pan, I recommend you just let it air dry.

Even a little lint can get in sensitive parts of 1991 ford escort transmission filter tranny. So then you transmissiion place the cord on the pan, and torque it to specs in an alternating pattern. I recommend measuring how much fluid came out, and replace a little less than that using a funnel and pouring into the transmission dipstick. Then start the car don't move it yet! Some auto parts stores take old transmission fluid free of charge. Loosen all of the transmission pan bolts with a ratchet and socket, except one bolt on each of the four corners of the transmission pan.

Loosen the two bolts on the transmission pan nearest the engine and pull downward on the transmission pan to start the flow of oil from the pan. If you cannot pull the transmission pan down pry it lightly with a 6-inch pry bar. Hold upward pressure on the transmission pan once the fluid stops draining, so it contacts the base of the transmission. Remove the bolts at the four corners with the ratchet and socket, and pull the pan from the transmission. Hold the transmission pan over the drain pan, and pour any remaining fluid from the transmission pan into the drain pan.

Remove the three bolts securing the transmission filter to the transmission with a ratchet and socket. Pull the transmission filter downward and out of the transmission. Check that the O-ring on the neck of the filter remained attached to the filter. If the O-ring is missing, insert a finger into the filter input hole on the transmission and pull the O-ring out. Position a new transmission filter under the transmission, lining up the neck of the filter with the input hole in the transmission. Press the filter onto the transmission until it seats into place. Hand-thread the three filter retaining bolts, then torque the bolts from 6 to 8 foot-pounds with a torque wrench and socket.

Pull the old gasket off the transmission pan and scrap the pan-to-transmission mating surface with a plastic gasket scraper to remove any small remnants of the gasket.

Wipe off the mating surface with a clean, lint-free cloth. Remove the two O-shaped transmission pan magnets. Clean each one thoroughly with a clean, lint-free cloth and set them aside. Hold the transmission pan over the drain pan and clean all of the old fluid out of the pan with parts cleaner and clean, lint-free cloths.