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THanks for your question. I guess I'll start by saying the title you chose for your question is an oxymoron, i. Sex with an escort?

Even the escort part may not have been risky, even without a condom. Many escorts -- i. They also tend to be selective in their clients you're at low risk for STDs, right? After all, they don't want bad health outcomes any more than you do -- Las vegas escort tonsils of course it would also be pretty bad for business! The important thing, though, is that condom-protected sex is safe sex. How the condom is applied makes little difference. As for potential exposure to saliva by applying the condom with her mouth, even without a condom, unprotected oral sex is generally safe -- not completely free of STD risk, but low risk for all STDs and virtually zero risk for some, including HIV. As for the genital discomfort you describe, there is no STD that causes such symptoms -- and anyway, it began too soon, since no STD can start to cause symptoms of any kind sooner than days after exposure, and for most infections the incubation period is a week or more.

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