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You can find a variety of domestic and imported beers as well as local craft beers as well. Wscort overall atmosphere is generally very laid back, which is generally what you escoft from a traditional American pub. On warm nights, the Kansas city kansas escort is slightly less packed though due to the patio seating and standing areas for guests looking to stay outside and cityy the warm air. Dim lighting surrounds the walls of the building kansaas well as on top of the bar. The building has several red backgrounds and seating areas, which create a warm, cozy atmosphere for a quieter night out. To further accentuate the mood, live music is played every night. A pianist or jazz band is mostly likely performing on any given night and the music is soothing and calming.

This creates the perfect intimate, romantic night out for a date or for a small group of friends. The house wines are frequently enjoyed by locals as well as several of the house cocktails. There are plenty of bars in Kansas City with that environment but the Green Lady Lounge is more for a quieter, intimate night out. The bottom dance floor is wide open with a large dance floor that can hold a few hundred people. A bar on each side allows partygoers to get drinks quickly.

On the side of the dance floor are lounging areas that offer premium seating for live music events and turn into VIP tables when the nightclub is open. A VIP section is also open on the second level with premium tables as well, although these tables are much more expensive than the seats below. The Voodoo Lounge serves both as a live music Kansas city kansas escort and a nightclub. My favorite ways to spend my time, besides having lots of naughty fun and squirting everywhere, are reading, writing, conceptualizing, and painting. The authors I enjoy the most are George R. Martin, Tolkien, and R.

My style of painting is a unique blend of different techniques, which you can ask me about! I also deeply enjoy music and know the lyrics to an incredible number of songs. I love to play out fantasies and desires! I have a few special talents that I really enjoy! My donation is high because I have an amazing ability that keeps on going! The value of my time is universal, therefore my rate is the same anywhere on the mainland of the USA. Many say that they have never met a squirter like me. My reviews speak volumes.

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I have a killer natural body that has been referenced Kansas city kansas escort as a citty "Renaissance Painting". I am not usually a same-day girl. I have a very active life which requires me to plan in advance. While I would love to see you same day if possible, please keep in mind that is not always the case. Please use my easy and discrete booking form to set a date with me.