Ford Escort Se 97

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The styling, reminiscent of the Contour and bearing a definite, though less radical, resemblance to the Taurus, gives 79 a fresh look that draws attention. Two men in their 20's -- Ford's target age group for the Escort -- esxort the car for a peek while I was parked at the local Dairy Queen. Both men gave a nod to the updated design. It is four inches longer, though the wheelbase remains the same. The passenger escorg has been reconfigured sse increase the dimensions of most concern to the driver, including front-seat headroom and esscort, though es is less Ford escort se 97 headroom as a result.

There was plenty of room for my two children and two of their friends on our ice cream expedition, but I suspect that five adults would be a snug fit. Although several interior dimensions are the smallest in this group of three, the Escort's clean and uncluttered cabin has a spacious, airy feel that makes this seem like a larger car, solid and substantial. The Ford family resemblance is carried over to the interior. The Escort has a version of the Taurus's elliptical instrument pod, which contains the audio and climate controls. It is a feature I particularly like because its large buttons are easy to operate without taking one's eyes off the road. The Escort is equipped with a 2-liter four-cylinder engine derived from the 1.

But Ford engineers cranked out additional power horsepower, up from 88 and more torque for better acceleration from a stop and for smoother highway cruising while improving fuel economy and lowering emissions. Even with the optional four-speed automatic, acceleration from a dead stop was acceptable, as was the car's ability to keep up with highway traffic. Handling is much improved, thanks to suspension changes and a more rigid body structure.

1997-03 Ford Escort/ZX2

The car maintained a firm grip on winding roads. My main complaint with the Escort was with its keyless remote-entry system. In what appears an effort to keep costs down, Ford offers as part Fors an option package a "base" remote system that operates only the driver's door; the other doors Ford escort se 97 to be locked and unlocked manually. Also available, at a higher cost, is a remote that operates all the door locks. The test car was equipped with the driver's-side-only remote, and I kept forgetting to lock the other doors manually, or I would open the driver's door with the remote and inadvertently forget my passengers, leaving them to pound on the windows to gain admission.

Advertisement Esccort reading Hores sluts main story In contrast to its other esclrt introduced secort, Ford has succeeded in offering a better, well-equipped vehicle while keeping the lid on prices. Of the three cars ae among the base versions, at least -- I gave the Escort the highest marks. It offers good value, well-rounded performance and surprising refinement. There's little I found wanting about it. Like the Escort, the newest version of the Cavalier bears little resemblance to the car it replaced in after 13 years with little change. The Cavalier shares a vague family resemblance with its sporty sibling, the Camaro.

Ford has spent nearly 15 years perfecting its small car formula, and even before the appearance of the new '97 model, buyers apparently agreed that the Escort had gotten pretty good - it has ranked among the top 10 bestselling cars in America for more than five years. The model moves one step closer to perfection. The test car being discussed here is the sportiest of Escorts, the ZX2 coupe. But many of the attributes that make the ZX2 a ball to drive can be found in the more utilitarian Escort. Let's start with the chassis. One of Ford's consultants is world champion Formula One driver Jackie Stewart, who is highly critical of the notion that only sports cars have to handle well.

He has pushed Ford to treat all of its cars Show full review My first stint behind the wheel of a Ford Escort was not pleasant. He has pushed Ford to treat all of its cars as performance vehicles when it comes to cornering and braking -- which can pay off in everyday driving situations, like accident avoidance. That philosophy shows up in the Escort. It is very responsive to steering inputs, and even the base car has predictable understeer and not a lot of body roll. On the ZX2, the performance edge is honed a little further.

The basic setup is the same, but changes to items like suspension bushings, shock absorbers and springs give the ZX2 a sports-car feel. The base Escort's two-liter, horsepower four-cylinder engine is adequate for most driving. It won't pin you to your seat, but it will move the 2,pound, four-door sedan with alacrity. On the ZX2, the engine is a valve, double-overhead camshaft two-liter that produces horsepower.

The addition of 20 horses makes the Escort a nifty runner. It takes about nine seconds to get to 60 mph, with the multivalve four singing to its 6, rpm redline. Transmission choices are a five-speed manual and a four-speed automatic.