Ford Escort Mk2

Could this be the best Mk2 Can in the academy. Got that really, fuzzy feeling despite yet. This is become by many as the over Escort powerplant. Shipping inspiration from the UK Fine scene, James cheap the about crossflow motor from the car and got the Mail with a Zetec stuff, most all found in Composition Focus and Mondeo arts.

James Christie had a Mauii escorts idea. The owner at the time figured it was not worth fixing so we happily snapped it up. Running a modest cc crossflow m,2 a five-speed Sierra escotr, the Escort made for a neat little daily driver to school and back every day. However, like most builds, James was never satisfied and dreamed of further improvements. After finishing high school Forv landed a job and m2 another Mk2 Escort with the intention escrt keeping and modifying his original one. The second Mk2 became a daily driver, while the original was put under the knife. Gaining inspiration from the UK Escort scene, James removed the original crossflow motor from the car and refitted the Escort with a Zetec engine, most commonly found in Ford Focus and Mondeo models.

Ford kept the same bolt pattern for their bellhousing over the years, which allowed the engine to bolt directly to a Sierra gearbox. James decided that he wanted some more power and increased displacement to cc. To do so the engine received custom 86mm forged Wiseco pistons, H-beam Eagle rods and a balanced crankshaft to create a little monster of an engine. The overall look of the engine is topped off with the inclusion of 90mm individual throttle bodies, Kent camshafts and adjustable cam gears, and stainless-steel headers. A modified set of Bilstein shocks up front with reset leaf springs in the rear dropped the Escort a few inches lower to the ground.

Ken Block’s Hoonigan Ford Escort Mk2 RS

When it comes to Ken and the fine folks over at Hoonigan Industries, the aim of the game is to get people talking, grab as much attention as possible, FFord Ford escort mk2 have some incredible fun behind the wheel while doing it. Ford escort mk2 some dark corner of the Internet I can already imagine purists sitting furiously at their keyboards, frothing at the mouth at the thought of this car. Its latest incarnation is certainly its most advanced, and extreme, to date. This is heralded by many as the ultimate Escort powerplant. Want to hear it in action with Ryan Tuerck behind the wheel?

It sounds gorgeous, right? This quality-over-quantity mantra continues on into the cabin. A pair of Recaro SPG carbon-Kevlar seats are surrounded by what can only be described as a tubular work of art.

Escotr through the Sparco Ford escort mk2 wheel and a Cosworth Pectel Forc colour displays stares back at you, relaying the vital information. I can only imagine how much fun this lightweight, short-wheelbase machine is to drive! Could this be the widest Mk2 Escort in the world? The aggression carries through with the custom Rocket Bunny front bumper, which stays true to the Mk2 original down to a point, before flaring out wildly, leaving the front tyre treads exposed.