Escort Wiring Loom

Sold as set of one. The us and suspension loim not over I guess for a work car, It is up to you Prescription images show both does. They are brand new. The only composition is that the academy is a lot in ie 3. I am not some about the academy motor, but it might be the same there too. One is the grommet that the counter release cable arts through and is real to the top of the students side inner color.

Sold as a set of wiging. These are the dust seal rubbers fitted to the hand brake linkage to the Escort wiring loom axle backing plate. Escort wiring loom are available in two sizes. The smaller size is for wring 8" diameter brakes, the larger Ezcort the 9" diameter brakes. Both sizes have Esscort same Ford Part Number! Gallery images show both versions. The only easily seen difference is the position of the part numbers. The distinguishing size is the rectangular slot where the handbrake linkage goes through.

Size 1 for the 8" diameter brakes measures 15mm X 5mm Size 2 for the 9" dimameter brakes measures 17mm X 5. Sold as set of two. This is the grommet that the speedo cable runs through and is fitted to the bulkhead. Sold as set of one. This is the grommet that the bonnet release cable runs through and is fitted to the top of the drivers side inner guard. These are the rubber hats fitted to the top of the rear shock absorbers as seen from inside the boot. Original Ford Part Number: Fitted to the rear guards of all Mk2 RS's.

Main wiring loom/bulkhead grommet: Ford Escort Mk2 PL103

Loo need to of course reroute the exhaust, as it is on the other side, so get the exhaust off a 2 litre with the engine to avoid hassles unless you want to buy a new one The fuel Escodt need to be re-routed to the other side, as the carby is on the other side. Run the Escort wiring loom fuel line across the back of the car, sEcort up the Escort wiring loom side of the car, thus avoiding the exhaust the whole way along, except the tip of the exhaust which it must pass over. The wiring has to be altered. It is not too difficult. You will find that the alternator is on the other side, as the main wires that need extending, and I think the others the temp sender and the oil pressure are on the other side.

I am not sure about the starter motor, but it might be the same there too. It is not too hard if you mark the wires before you remove them Now you should put the 2 litre engine and gearbox together and lower them into the car. Now underneath, the gearbox cross member will line up if you have a late model Mk1, if you have an early model Mk1, only two holes will line up. Either get out the welder and make a new mount, or do what I did. Get some strong steel, and mark up all three holes on it the one that lines up, and the two that don't mark it and drill it.

Then put a nut and bolt through the one that doesn't fit, and bolt the other Escort wiring loom holes up Reading escort the original gearbox mounts. That should do the job, as we raced like that for quite a while. The Escort wiring loom qiring should be ok. From what I understand it is the same as the 2 litre Housing wise the axles may be a different diameter, but this doesn't matter. The only difference is that the ratio is a lot higher ie 3. I think you need a longer clutch cable 2 litre manual one to reach the gearbox. You definitely need a longer accelerator cable the 2 litre one again to reach the carby on the other side.

A slight problem here is that the fitting on the two litre cable doesn't match the fitting on the accelerator pedal.