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This includes everything from Chinooks to Apaches, giving the ship an over-the-horizon heavy lift and strike capability if needed. AP Izumo during docking procedures. Their hodgepodge of missile Ewcort and handful Escort supplies larger surface combatants rely Escort supplies on dated Soviet-era systems, including older anti-ship cruise missiles. These assets have to get close enough to their targets to acquire good targeting data in order to have any chance of a successful and accurate ship-to-ship engagement. And really, the Izumo won't come close to North Korean shores to begin with, and considering how many allied vessels are operating in the area, surface vessels pose little threat to the helicopter carrier or of the ships she escorts relatively from Korean shores.

AP The Seahawk helicopter makes up the backbone of Japan's sub-hunting capability and are both classes of "helicopter destroyers" primary aerial asset. What could be something of a threat is North Korea's old but plentiful diesel-electric submarine force. This is Escort supplies one of Pyongyang's most under-estimated military capabilities. Often this submarine force is blown off as "noisy" and "rusting" but quantity has a quality all its own. In the past, North Korea's Navy has shown itself almost freakishly capable of sortieing a large portion of their submarine force suddenly, and Escort supplies is fairly well known that trying to keep tabs on dozens of submarines at once has been challenging for the South Koreans, the US and its allies.

Although this somewhat simplistic submarine force may not prove dangerous to an American Carrier Strike Group, especially one that has been augmented by the South Korean Navy and the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Forces, but a defenseless and unescorted resupply ship or fleet oiler moving into the region, that may be another story. This is likely the essence of the the Izumo's mission. At the very least, it will give the big vessel something to do as it makes its way to its station, which could include meeting up with the Car Vinson Carrier Strike Group and its armada of allied surface combatants.

USN Hyuga seen during multi-national naval drills. When the deployment was originally announced months ago, early May was supposed to be when it would begin. France has also sent one of their Mistral class amphibious assault shipsthe Mistral, around the world on a similar deployment, it having arrived at Japan's naval base in Sasebo this weekend. AP Mistral with her well deck and rear aircraft elevator visible.

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