Transvestite Meetings

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Many areas have regular meetings which may be Transvestite meetings in members' own homes or other suitable venues. These meetings are quite informal, though sometimes something special may be arranged, such as clothes sales, wig or make-up demonstration and video showings. Usually they are simply somewhere you can dress in a safe, relaxed, Transvestite meetings atmosphere, chat with other members, make friends and discuss problems. Wives, girlfriends, and families are always very welcome. Help and Advice Many members find support, comfort and advice from other Society members, however neither the Society nor its members are qualified to undertake counselling.

Associated with the Beaumont Society is the Beaumont Trust, which can provide avenues to professional advice. S Women of the Beaumont Society is financed by, but quite independent of the Society. It provides help and support and a forum for the partners of transgender people. The Beaumont Society, through its experienced members, offers talks and advice on transgender matters to interested parties.

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There Tgansvestite those that are regulars and others Transvestitf turn up just once in a Transvestite meetings. There are many guys who's first venture into the outside world as a girl Transvestote been to pay a visit to Surrey Swans and newcomers are always welcome. Typically there are between 12 and 20 people there. The aim of this is to cover the cost of paying the person that works behind the bar and also subsidise the cost of events that are organised from time to time. Usually there is also a raffle. The purchase of raffle tickets is entirely optional Income from the raffle is also used to subsidise the cost of events.

Often times there is nothing in particular organised. People sit and chat about anything and everything.