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Mercies decided she was the academy submissive with whom to re-imagine how and buy it again as results. Mercies made her available what she free: Lots of hard next pounding and best in this one. Mercies was not pleased, so when she got back, he and Available Sinn put her in a safe cap and cost to town on her best little course cheap. One is got by some golden us, really cheap sex and ass to fine, and a tule face fucking. Now's why we cost her back for Thanksgiving--because Dr.

Just imagine a beautiful, brave girl going through one intense sexual challenge after another. There's rough anal and ass to mouth; deep, long ass eating; hard spanking; Painful anal sluts slapping; needles; and heavy hot wax all over her body. Mercies, there's also a good bit of pussy pleasure. He even lets Jessica come, because she was such a good submissive girl. Once again, we say: But she doesn't like to live on a pedestal all the time; sometimes she needs to feel very small. Mercies made her the smallest organism he could think of: She took a dip in the slime and oozed around the room with her tongue digging in his ass for food.

He fucked her ass a bit too, then coated her in some additional man slime. Anal Kitchen Wench Paige Pierce Paige is a hot switch with an incredible ass and a deep submissive side eager to be released. She also has a love of sick things like getting her head dunked even if there's a bit of enema water in the bowl and is anally orgasmic. Mercies, needless to say, found himself in his happy place with her. He pounded her ass super hard for a long time while burying her face in a nasty punch bowl mixed with spit and enema juice. He also gagged her on his cock a lot and fed her his ass. The end was priceless. Paige Atyrau sluts a lot of trouble with cum, but she wanted to work on that.

And she did a very good job. Mercies ring in the new year. This is a short, back-to-basics rough-sex scene with hard anal, ATM, slapping, spanking, spitting, and just a good, old-fashioned primal rudeness. Mercies and Nurse Holl finish diagnosing the very sick little degradation slut, Olivia Kasady, by testing her capacity for some extra nasty enema play and sloppy head dunking punishment. They also fuck her ass painfully and do lots of ass to mouth and ass to nose. Of course, Nurse Holl facefucks her roughly too so that her slobber collects in her new bucket world. Then comes a surprise. Mercies announces there'll be no therapy after this diagnostic and rips up his diploma.

No more therapy at the Assylum. Mercies tells Olivia they're just going to use her as their submissive bitch. Then they take her to the padded cell and put her in a sadistic game of tug of whore. This involves some rough bondage with ass eating, face fucking, foot worship, pussy smacking, and mean electrical play. This is a very crazy, extremely filthy, but also very fun session. It was what Olivia craved. We said no more therapy, but the truth is this was still therapeutic for her. Mercies picked Olivia for an especially degrading, rough, and sick anal fluids treatment.

You see, this is the last time he plans to offer therapy before turning the Assylum into a mad world where girls simply get used in crazy ways, and he wants the medical office to go out with a bang. He starts by telling Olivia he's going to diagnose her to see just how filthy she is. This means doing one nasty thing to her after another to see how much she can take. We're talking about real painal with an anal tunnel plug, a very nasty drink out of her ass, hard anal sex with zero pussy stimulation, and lots of slapping, spitting, spanking, and cum punishment. Nurse Holl assists with a straightjacket before conducting further tests of her own.

Others fake it, we make it. Mercies to build a sick new world, Jessica joins him for a feast to celebrate a great harvest of perversion. Of course, a cornucopia gets put into her ass for the meal--what we call a cornholecopia. Her ass got stretched really wide so that the big tunnel plug could fit inside it. We poured corn into her ass and also made cornhole on the cob. She sampled the items straight from her butt. They didn't taste too good for her, but she was a good submissive girl and ate them as instructed.

Mercies then bent her over the table, pounded her already-sore ass a while, and came hard all over her face. It was a most exquisite dinner. Pervert Pilgrimage Jessica Kay If you've seen Jessica's previous sessions, you know she's the real deal. A submissive masochist who gives her all physically and mentally. That's why we brought her back for Thanksgiving--because Dr. Mercies wanted to make something really special. This 1-hour minute, extreme anal domination session is part 1 of an extraordinary 2-hour adventure that begins with a trip through Dr.

Mercies' perverted world, leads to the seeding of a new world with his frozen cum, and culminates in a "cornholecopia. Delirious Hunter Delirious is one of those hot BDSM sluts you see about town who is always looking for men to beat and use her. She's a hot blond with a nice, round ass who craves pain but doesn't really like anal very much. So we offer her a trade: Of course, she complies Mercies and Orderly Joey. The men make her spit it out and use it as cream for her bruises. Amy Faye This extreme anal therapy session is back with 15 minutes of additional footage never previously released. When Amy originally appeared for her therapy, she was not adequately prepared, and we had to abort her treatment.

Mercies was not pleased, so when she came back, he and Orderly Sinn put her in a dunce cap and went to town on her sorry little pucker hole. She gets pounded endlessly in her ass and lying mouth by Sinn's big cock, eats both men's asses, and gets exactly the kind of drink she deserves. Amy is the real deal: Gray This crazy factory fuck session is for all the working men, craftsmen, and artists out there, plus anyone tired of the same old anal sex and BDSM. We put pound, bubble-butt babe, Luna Lovely, in a teddy bear factory with Dr. Mercies and visiting Dr.

Gray, and then let them play for 2 full hours.

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What began as boring assembly line work became one of the most fucked-up anal adventures you've ever seen. We used and pounded Luna in ansl many fresh, new ways, I wouldn't know how to describe them. Only problem is she's never done anal and has no idea the hurtin' she's in for. Ideally, zero forewarning and zero lubes. The city of love probably hasn't seen this much blood since someone made some cartoons last year. Just gotta put some icy-hot on her hurt butt and eat a lot of fiber. Srsly tho, "dog fart" has to be the fucking worst studio name in porno history.

I think it's safe to say she'll never do butt sex again after this Featuring acting so skuts Kirk Cameron would ansl a single tear. And now I'm met with a direct boner. That's a level of dedication I hope to never know. She may not speak a lick of English, but her facial expressions certainly have a story to tell. Live and learn baby. This is the infamous Rocco vs. Unfortunately there's no kicker, but what it lacks in surprise endings