Ford Escort Passive Restraint Track

Some wore our seatbelts more often. If I was to get in an purchase, I restraiint have to buy Foed the airbag only. The price that came with the car to cool move the mail belt alternatives not work. Consistent lock sometimes and then again will not sale. Now all I can do is hope I don't get in an comparison or get got over because now my about is in Ford's hands by our choice, not mine.

The tool that came with the car to manually move the seat belt does not work. Luckily, pqssive passenger side seat belt motor stopped when it was in the Ford escort passive restraint track position. When going faster than 45 mph the speedometer jumps Fodd 70 mph or faster and makes a weird noise. Seat Belt esvort of the Ford Escort 44 Vehicle was rear ended, and none of the vehicles seat Ford escort passive restraint track, front or rear, held the passengers. All 3 passengers were thrown traxk. Dealer said the owner was at fault for seatbelts not working. Seat Belt problem of the Ford Escort 45 Restraknt was hit on the driver's side while trakc at 20mph by another restraintt traveling over 60mph.

Both driver's and passenger's seat belts faile d to operate properly, and they were thrown to the backseat of vehicle. There was one fatality, and one injury. Seat Belt problem of the Ford Escort 46 Seat belt track malfunctions inconsistently. Seat Belt problem of the Ford Escort 47 My driverside automatic seatbelt has come off track, therefore leaving me with no driverside seatbelt. If I was to get in an accident, I would have to rely on the airbag only. If I get stopped by the police, then I will get a seatbelt ticket. Then I would have to pay a fine for something I couldn't control or better yet that Ford couldn't control. I called them and since my 50, mile safety restraint warranty was expired there was nothing that they could do for me.

Now all I can do is hope I don't get in an accident or get pulled over because now my life is in Ford's hands by their choice, not mine. I mean plain and simple, that's a lifesaving device that's just not there for me. Seat Belt problem of the Ford Escort 48 While driving at 70 mph vehicle went over a patch of ice, causing owner to lose control of vehicle. It was decided that it was in the best interest to discontinue the system.

'89 Passive Restraint busted

Ford escort passive restraint track Part of it is safety, and part of it was marketing. People didn't like the automatic seat belt system. Calorie 9 years ago Reply Airbags were designed to supplement seat belts, not replace them. Ideally airbags should inflate with less force, but people tended to believe that airbags were designed to replace seatbelts. So, engineers had to choose the more aggressive inflation rates to compensate for occupants not wearing their seatbelts which wearing seatbelts are by far the greatest predictor of the probability of survival in a crash.

The automatic seatbelts were an engineering problem to individuals lack of compliance with safety needs. It's hard to make people do things that they believe are not in their best interests.

Also, the first generation of airbags were designed to primarily prevent secondary injuries from glass and debris. Seat belts are Ford escort passive restraint track of the great public health achievements of the 20th century that is Keep in mind that list includes antibiotics, esscort and water sanitation. I don't know if you meant the "Uhh" part of your comment to be irksome, but it does come across as a condescending. We never had the passive restraint requirements in Canada so I don't know all the details - thanks for providing that background. Sorry if I offended. I guess things I might normally say verbally don't necessarily come across that way in written form.

Calorie 9 years ago Reply No problem. It's hard to translate speech into writing. I'm going to guess that you are fairly young.