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She was wearing a form fitting dress and high heels. Every mans' eyes were on her when she approached the hostess to ask if her date was already there, and I got up from my table and Female escorts in cincinnati to greet her. Her natural sexual appeal was stunning but her impeccable hair and makeup and her choice of attire accentuated it. I was pleased to see that she looked as good in person as she did in her photos i. Taylor greeted me with a smile, and we went to my table, sat down, and began to talk. Making small talk didn't last very long, as we're were soon discussing her opinions about the subjects she's studying in college, and we felt a little silly when our waiter came to ask what we wanted to order, and neither of us had even looked at the menu.

We finally ordered, and then continued talking. Actually, at that point, I spent most of the time admiring her refined features and her toned physique while listening to her talk, and I couldn't wait to get her out of her dress. After dinner, I asked if she wanted another drink, but she declined. I was pleased by this because it meant less time to wait for what I was longing to do. We left the restaurant, and called the elevator to go to my room.

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Once inside the elevator, Taylor stepped close to me, and we kissed. She treated me to a LFK that lasted until the elevator's doors opened. The walk from the elevator to my suite seemed like an eternity because I Escort shemale paris no desire to behave politely at that point. I wanted to rip her Female escorts in cincinnati off, instead. She must have sensed what was craving because as soon as we were inside my room, she peeled off her dress. Thinking back on that moment, I recall that she had elegant lingere under the dress, but what most caught my attention was her slender, athletic body and her body art.

We went directly to the bedroom and Taylor undressed me as she kissed me. I unfastened her bra and removed it, and then I took off her panties. I recall that for a moment all activity halted as I marveled at the perfection I saw in her body. She was lithe and thin, but in no way boyish. Her breasts were firm and youthful for a woman in her early 30s. Scrubs and other landscaping set the mood along with dimly lit lighting. On the cool summer nights, a fire burns for ambience and warmth in the already romantic, intimate setting at the Blind Lemon. The music is soothing and calming, which further accentuates the mood. Drink prices are about average, although the happy hour at The Blind Lemon is among the best in all of Cincinnati.

The Blind Lemon simply excels in creating the perfect romantic atmosphere for a date or a small group of friends. A large selection of wines is also available and the service staff is exceptionally knowledgeable and can help you pair your wine with a fine meal. Some of the most popular food items include the truffle popcorn, gazpacho, and the bison chili. The overall mood is laid-back and the friendly staff help lighten the mood. Unfortunately, there is no DJ or live bands but there is some calming background music that helps accentuate the atmosphere. The ambience is very trendy and some would even call it hipster.

The bar itself i very large and there is an ample amount of seating both indoors and outdoors. The indoor bar has a very casual feel with somewhat dim lighting escortd brick walls. Once the bar fills up, Giant Jenga and Bocce Ball games are often played in the massive bar. The drink prices are reasonable and the bar is also dog friendly, which adds to its charm and laid back nature. Bakersfield features a full bar and happy hour, which is when the restaurant fills up to its fullest. In addition, Bakersfield features some of the best Mexican food, especially the tacos and guacamole in Cincinnati.