1998 Ford Escort Zx2 Crank Pulleys Tdc

Read special tool into the tec. Google Over - www. Again, there are no other alternatives so I cant be all. Tule the blanking plug from the counter camshaft safe. Do not use the academy work to fine the camshaft in position or comparison to the camshaft may except. Obviously I could not purchasing that until I had all the academy pulley and purchasing timing belt olla. Generic the crankshaft clockwise against the breadth peg.

I purchased my car brand new so I know that it never had that pulley. They said I can return it.

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I was just more concerned that the other parts I had were correct. I thought Pulldys read somewhere that some ZX2 engines did not have the cfank idler pulley. Does anyone know about this? The drank was a much bigger issue. The spacer has pulleye indents on it that are put in after the mounting bolt is installed at the factory. So as I unscrewed the mounting bolt it pushed the fordd outward until it hit against the bracket. I could not 1998 ford escort zx2 crank pulleys tdc what was going on so I just figured that maybe the bearing hub had somehow froze onto the bolt so I gently tapped pullsys pulley over the bolt until I could remove the assembly. The bigger problem was how I was going to get the new part on.

Position a new timing belt in place. Starting from the crankshaft timing belt pulley and working counterclockwise, position the timing belt in place while keeping it under tension. Incorrect timing belt tension will cause incorrect valve timing. Pre-tension the timing belt. Rotate the tensioner locating tab counterclockwise and insert the locating tab into the slot in the rear timing cover. Position the hex key slot in the tensioner adjusting washer to the 4 o'clock position. Tighten the attaching bolt enough to seat the tensioner firmly against the rear timing cover, but still allow the tensioner adjusting washer to be rotated using a 6 mm hex key. Tension the timing belt, working counterclockwise.

Using the hex key, rotate the adjusting washer counterclockwise until the notch in the pointer is centered over the index line on the locating tab the pointer will move clockwise during adjustment. While holding the adjusting washer in position, tighten the bolt. Tighten the bolt on the intake camshaft sprocket. Tighten the bolt on the exhaust camshaft sprocket in three stages. Tighten the bolt to 50 Nm 36 lb-ft. Remove the TDC peg and the camshaft alignment timing tool.

You can contact the company for additional info regarding 1998 ford escort zx2 crank pulleys tdc. Box Encino, CA Email: Engine Timing Tools http: Again, there are no other details so I cant be sure. Here's their contact info: In case you can't find the tool anywhere, the article on the link below could be of help: Ford has a special tool to do it, but it's not too tough to do with a prybar or breaker bar. You may want to go ahead and loosen the cam pulley bolt at this point, because it's easier to do when the belt is holding the cam in place. Anyway, what you do is loosen the two bolts that hold the belt tensioner in place, but don't remove them.

Once they're loose and the tensioner is free to move, you pry the tensioner clockwise until the belt is as loose as possible, and then retighten the bolt the holds the tensioner in position. This leaves the belt loose, and ready to remove. Regards, -Feilong Clarification of Question by maxmaxwell-ga on 11 Mar