1982 Escort Ford

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Ford Escort

With a decidedly edgy, European-flavored personality, the Focus offered much Free cum hungry sluts in terms of personality and 198 fun. Most shoppers interested in a used Ford Escort will find escorr looking at the fourth and last generation. This one debuted in with a escrt rounded body style and a more refined horsepower 2. Transmission choices were once escortt a five-speed manual and a four-speed automatic. The next year brought the sporty ZX2 two-door coupe, which was essentially 1982 escort ford Escort GT's overdue replacement. With hp, the ZX2 was cord quick, running zero to 60 mph in around 8 seconds.

When Ford phased in the Escort's sscort, the 182, forthe Escort family was thinned out by dropping the wagon, leaving just the sedan and ZX2 sport coupe. Byonly the ZX2 remained, and would soldier on for one more year. Consumer commentary posted on Edmunds. Proper maintenance is key, as most owners report trouble-free driving well into the ,mile range, while some others have indicated troubles with the automatic transmission. Though a well-maintained Escort with lower mileage will sell for quite a bit less than an equivalent Civic or Corolla, the latter pair still has the edge in predicted reliability. Although it debuted 10 years earlier, the Ford Escort really came into its own with the introduction of the revamped model.

A lower beltline and increased glass area afforded a more airy cabin and the 1. When you want to sell your Ford Escort, simply give us a call or send us an email. We can set up a date and time to come out and buy your car for cash. Not only that, we tow away cars for free. All you get is cash! Our tow truck drivers are reliable and dependable and will get your vehicle off of your property in no time. You just get the cash for the car! Interested in Selling Your Ford Escort? Get a Free Quote Now! Online Quote Are you wondering how we determine the price that we give you for your vehicles?

Well, the weight of escorf car factors in with how much you can get. For example, a Ford Escort has a curb weight of 2, pounds. The more the vehicle weighs, the more we can offer. We use current scrap prices to figure out how much a vehicle is worth, as well.