Utah Pilot Escort Certification

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Drivers and escorts who know each other well often work together without this step, it is a sound practice to check once in the while at least. Accidents can happen when the rules are not properly observed. Certification is a barrier to entry: Having the Utah pilot escort certification vehicle and equipment are far greater barriers to entry and these do not impact the quality of the escort driver. That makes this a fairly low bar for entry and one that only touches the tip of the proverbial iceberg. It is perhaps the most cost effective barrier that will exclude only those who either do not diligently seek out the information that a certification is required, those who are indifferent and ignore the requirement, and those who cannot pass a brief exam after an 8 hour course; these courses and exams are also repeatable.

Certification Requirements by State Eight states share an interstate compact on pilot car certification. Each state has courses to certify pilot car drivers and accepts the certificates offered by the other seven states. Note that each state has varied equipment requirements, that will not be discussed here, and Florida also requires an additional 8 hour defensive driving course.

Pilot Car Training

The courses for Washington, at least, are offered by instructors throughout the United States. A brief exam is issued at the conclusion of the course. While Arizona has its own certification process, Arizona will accept these out of state Utah pilot escort certification. Unfortunately, these other states do not accept Arizona's certification at this time. New York requires applicants to take a short exam about the oversize load requirements in New York. These are Utah pilot escort certification in driver information available online and focus heavily on the mobile home industry.

New Mexico, uniquely, does not require a course for certification but an inspection of the escort vehicle itself. This inspection assures that the driver has a proper license, insurance, registration, visible signs and lights, and the necessary safety equipment. This inspection can be conducted at any weigh station in the state. Do not enter the state escorting a load if you do not already posses this certification, have the load wait outside of New Mexico and drive in to the nearest weigh station. It is also possible to stop in for an inspection while just driving through the state. Currently, these groups meet semiannually to allow representatives to meet, discuss concerns, and solve problem.

Certification and Transport Requirements As a result of MSA involvement, UDOT altered the certification process for equipment dealers and modified the list of requirements for equipment transport. Many of the students complete this requirement through summer employment with dealers in Utah. As is the case with many dealers, inexperienced employees deliver parts, run errands and perform other "time-consuming" activities while gaining experience. During an internship, AMT students are frequently called upon to drive a pilot vehicle, while a more experienced employee transports a tractor or implement.

Utah equipment dealers, recognizing the need for new Alpha girl slut to receive pilot vehicle training, co-teach certification courses to Utah pilot escort certification students. This allows dealers to share the teaching responsibilities and certify the largest number of people. During the fall certification course at USU, Extension personnel were asked by equipment dealers to assist Utah pilot escort certification the cerrification of a pilot vehicle "rack" that would mount on various size pickups, display an "oversize Urah sign, and provide a frame for warning lights.

It was recommended by Extension that this project could be carried out by the AMT student club. This recommendation received the unanimous support from the council. UDOT recommended that a pilot vehicle "kit" containing the required safety equipment accompany each rack as a means to insure compliance with State laws. As a result of this approval a design was developed and tested. The general construction and size of the pilot vehicle rack is shown in Figure 1. Appendix C describes the required equipment for both the kit and the rack and Table 1 lists price for each item.

A dozen sets of plans have been distributed within Utah and several dealers have built racks and put together kits for pilot vehicles. Agricultural equipment companies and rental agencies from California, Idaho, and Washington have been mailed pricing information and building plans upon their request. It is hoped that similar opportunities will exist in the future and that the good working relationship between USU and industry continue.