Tory Mason Escort Escorting

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One more step

The jungle telegraph had now worked overtime, and many more local residents were out on the street, each of them keen to approach the uniformed Bobbies, and studiously examine the badge on the helmet. And then he was gone, and we were off, up the M1 in a northerly direction, heading for Liverpool. Banners were lowered, the shouting and barracking stopped, and the crowd started to disperse. I also remember that when the locals realised we were not the local police they were very warm and friendly towards us and would bring out tea and biscuits.

Ecorting remember I only packed one pair of under pants as we were told it would be one night so I escortting you can imagine how badly we all smelt after three nights. As I moved up and down the street between each pair of bobbies, I noticed a small crowd of youths, about a dozen, gathered outside the pub, listening intently to a figure in their midst, who was wearing a blue denim shirt. I took appropriate precautionary action — and punched him in the face, which knocked him back to the pavement, and the PSU line reformed.