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I do my best to reason with him without having to punch his lights out, all while Sunny is in my car begging me to get in Personal driver and escort drive off. Then we started heading back towards L. This time to Orange County for a guy named Jason who wanted to pay for a little fun. We got there and he lived in a gated complex so he had to come down and let us in. We went with no probs and she split to his apartment. I go up to collect the show fee and a 40 dollar pre-tip and sit on the stairs to listen in for any shenanigans. I heard a bunch of mumbling and something about her ripping him off for awhile before she came out.

We left, and she got tipped out another 75, and I get 25 percent of all tips so it was a fairly okay job. From my personal experiences with the service, I have found that certain drivers act as the professionals they are, while others show zero concern for the well-being of those they drive by texting or taking phone calls.

This also includes a disrespectful attitude towards students they assume are taking the escort as a taxi service. While students believe this service is ran by Campus Police, which has Personal driver and escort itself useful time and time again in various public safety matters around campus, the safety escort service is not, which could account for their falling short on their professionalism. The individual drivers vary, but some compromise the safety of their passengers. They should still be held accountable for this. Campus Police should provide more stringent safety education requirements for some of the less safety-oriented drivers.

A strict set of rules, including no texting or talking on the phone while transporting students, should be in place and drivers should keep a positive attitude throughout their shift to provide students with not only an example for how they should act behind the wheel, but to keep them safe while using the service. However for the more extreme cases, drivers who repeatedly show flagrant disregard for students' safety should not be driving under the contract.

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Our security liaison affiliate VIP Security Transports will be drive to discuss and coordinate your security concerns and requirements. Finest Chauffeurs also has many female chauffeurs available for clients who are more comfortable with a woman transporting Personal driver and escort children. All of our active and retired police officers backgrounds are routinely checked, Our services are ideal for children who require a chauffeur locally or across country or internationally. Court Escort We have law enforcement officers available to chauffeur and escort domestic violence victims to and from court. This is the best way to protect domestic violence victims who are concerned about having contact with an abuser.

Through VIP Security Transports, security escorts will provide you with the comfort of knowing that you have a law enforcement officer escorting you home, who will also make every effort to make sure you are not followed home after court proceedings conclude.