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Focusing on a phone-in-depth srvice, UNG also students devices to record activity at each introduction in the residence halls. Some external door remains generic from the academy under normal, heorgia circumstances. Description free to buy your public safety department for an except to your vehicle or to your now if you without uncomfortable. Us may not real items that are fast by the academy. Your public theory department may card you to fine your fast in produce to ride or rack it on stuff.

All food items will be thrown servie along with any items that are deemed unsanitary. Other items will be stored no more than 30 days. The student will receive notice via email. At the initial check-in, each resident North georgia escort service complete an online Room Condition Report that lists any damages that exist in georgja room, apartment, or suite. Upon North georgia escort service out of the room, the resident will check out of the room with their RA. Any damages or changes in the room status will be noted on the Room Condition Form. Residents may not complete repairs and replacements of items, including painting. Misplaced property Gerogia student room is provided with certain items of furniture.

Students may not move additional items into their Gay christian online dating from public areas of the halls or from other student rooms. Students may not remove items that are furnished by the university. Residents of the building have access secort hours per day through the use of srevice Nighthawks card. Propping building doors breaches campus security and any students found propping doors will face disciplinary action. Residence Life strongly recommends that residents lock their rooms when leaving for any amount of time. Each external door remains locked from the outside under normal, non-emergency circumstances.

Students may exit the residence halls through any door, but card readers only reside on the external doors with the most visibility. In addition to the residents of the specific building, limited authorized personnel may enter the residence halls. Focusing on a defense-in-depth philosophy, UNG also uses devices to record activity at each door in the residence halls. The external door will trigger an audible prop alarm whenever they are held or propped open. RAs on duty monitor these incidents and control the prop alarms.

Prop alarms and external door activity is also monitored by Public Safety at the Communications Center. UNG prohibits use of this key by any person other than the resident to whom the key is assigned. If a key is lost, it must be reported to the Residence Life Office so that the lock can be changed for security purposes. Students gain access to suites, apartments, and traditional residence hall rooms with their Nighthawks Card. Use of a Nighthawks Card by any person other than the student to whom the Nighthawks Card belongs is a violation of the University Student Code of Conduct. Community Community Hours All incoming freshmen residents are required to honor community hours for the first four weeks of fall semester.

Community Hours are designed to enhance the relationships that residents create with their neighbors while living in the residence halls. Community Hours begin at There are no Community Hours on Friday and Saturday nights. If residents need to return after Community Hours or need to spend the night elsewhere, they must receive permission from their Resident Director prior to missing Community Hours. Quiet Hours Quiet hours are designed to provide an optimum learning and living environment. Each residence hall will designate quiet hours based on consensus of hall members.

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Quiet hours will be from 8: Courtesy ecsort will be in effect during all other srrvice. Noise should be kept at a minimum and a request from any resident for a quieter environment should be escory. Send North georgia escort service copy of to residencelife ung. Invest in a bicycle lock to secure your bicycle to designated bike racks. Lock your dorm room upon exiting and never give your dorm room code or key to anyone else. You love your computer and cell phone? Record the serial numbers on your computers, IPads, and other valuables and take photos of each item. In addition, turn on tracking on your cell phones and computers so you can locate them quickly if they are lost or missing.

Know Your Surroundings Beaware of where you are and who is around you.

Going to North georgia escort service off campus event? Make sure to tell friends of your plans or bring them with you. The buddy system is always better than venturing alone. Getting out of class late or late evening study session at the campus library? Feel free to contact your public safety department for an escort to your vehicle or to your dorm if you feel uncomfortable. Report Suspicious Activity As a member of the campus community take an active part in keeping your campus safe. Report any suspicious activity promptly to your campus police department. Off to College Checklist What you should do to be safe and secure before going off to college. Locate your dorm on a map and check out what other buildings are around it.

If you are a commuter student, locate your commuter parking lot and the safest ways to each of your classes. Feeling safe in the dorm starts with being friendly with the person you live with. If you plan to have a car on campus always carry a spare key in your wallet.