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I started Kijjji in Google street view ,ontreal find the Backpage escort spanking hairbrush Kijiji montreal escort around where we meet up. And this is what I saw! The montrsal kid Kijlji the bike going into his house! The next morning, I waited for him at the same location to get my escorf back like we both agreed. As I Kijiji montreal escort, it was escoft NO Show. He ditched last minute and never showed nor did he answer my calls. I knocked at the house from street view but no answer I decided to drive around the area trying to spot him or find something that would give me a lead.

I had no luck and ended up leaving empty handed. You gave me the same cookie-cutter answers you give to the media and the public, and repeated exactly what is written on your FAQs page. But at least I expected that you would write. That you would perhaps acknowledge the increasing popularity of the petition, the growing list of companies disassociating themselves from the sale of pets on Kijiji Canada, the numerous media stories of sick puppies sold on your site, the testimonials of disappointed Kijiji users, and the voicemails from supporters, or that you would admit your lack of control over the content of your site. That you would care about animal welfare and be responsible enough to protect your users.

As the leader of classifieds sites in Canada, you should set an example and ban pet sales on your website, sending the message that animals should not be sold as just another item via classified ads. Puppy mills and unethical breeders may continue to exist even if Kijiji Canada stops the sale of animals on its site, but at least you would not give them an easy platform to thrive on.

As long as you know that animals with health problems because of the conditions under which they are raised and bred are being sold on your site, and as long as you know that users are being cheated by unethical animal breeders on your site, you should not be selling animals. Kijiji Canada condemned prostitution when it prohibited erotic products and escort and sexual services. This article is for all of you just trying to find a basic job to earn some cash, for whatever reason. First things first, be a realist.

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Is there a serious advantage to knowing French? You don't have speak French well enough to read Monttreal or Molliere, but Kijiji montreal escort you're literate enough to read this article, you're smart enough to learn how to say "Hello, how can I serve you? If you're in school, check if you can sign up for a basic intro to French course. If you're not in school, t he Quebec government offers free french classesintensive or part-time. A good job probably won't fall into your lap without a serious amount of actual work before even beginning to work, ugh, I know.