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The series is shown differently in other countries. In the episode portion of the guide the credits at the beginning Jayne mccloud escort the show are listed, or in the case of some of Janye movies just the credits listed for later episodes are given. A few of the credits at the end of the show are also listed. The cast and production credits are presented in the order in which the names appear on the screen except for several common credits listed in the additional credits section. Character names or partial names that don't appear in the on-screen credits are enclosed in brackets. The productions refer to when the episodes were filmed.

The story and its writer : an introduction to short fiction

Jayne mccloud escort first production filmedthe second production filmedJayne mccloud escort the third production Chronological episode listing The number in the first column indicates the first, secondor third episode production. Young Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Jackal [part 1] 2 Florence, May 1 Paris, September 1 Vienna, November 1 3. British East Africa, September 1 Benares, January 1 Peking, March 3 Princeton, February 1 1. Young Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Jackal [part 2] 2 Ireland, April 1 2.

London, May 1 8. Somme, Early August [part 1] 1 9. Germany, Mid-August [part 2] 1 4. Verdun, September 1 Paris, October 2 German East Africa, December [part 1] 1 6. Congo, January [part 2] 3 Young Indiana Jones Attack of the Hawkmen 1 7. Austria, March 1 Barcelona, May 1 Petrograd, July 2 Prague, August 2 Palestine, October 2 Transylvania, January 2 Online classifieds reserved exclusively for jeeps. For the last 35 years MCA has been proud to offer the largest range of motorcycle accessories. View all new and used toyota.

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