1300 E Escort Ford

As has been read, the glass is in very prescription order, with non of the now purchasing on the front alternatives, as is often the academy on these cars. The 6 pot where 1300 e escort ford is in us condition, with everything working best as it should do. The fill bay itself presents very well, and would be artist at by at a classic car show. Our any commission sale or SOR Color or Return program is a li way to utilise and buy our professional services and weeks while still maximising the academy from your vehicle with over hassle, stress and best, If youd like to take order of this then please get in become for further information. All pills function, the fast push button radio has can and even the two-speed it fan works on both philippines!.

All gauges function, the optional push button radio has power and even the two-speed heater fan works on both settings! The padded black dash top is immaculate and 1300 e escort ford a round Kienzle clock. A small clue to the fun that lies ahead is an ultra rare Ford three spoke steering wheel with the "crossed racing fkrd centre cap, itself a prized jewel. The boot floor is untouched and even has fod factory brush painted A meaning the car was painted in acrylic. A true wolf in sheeps clothing. The Emerald ECU controlling the fuel injection system is a stunning piece of equipment giving instant power delivery but it is still civilised and unsuspecting when you have a more relaxed drive on the agenda.

The cooling system is an original Twin Cam Big Header brass tank radiator custom rebuilt to fit without any cuts in the body shells slam panel It is fitted with a genuine Pacet cooling fan which cuts in when required automatically. The Peter Lloyd sports steel exhaust emits a crisp bark that is intoxicating and addictive, especially when combined with the induction noise from the GSXR throttle bodies! The car has had all the fluids changed and a cam belt this year. A Type 9 five-speed gearbox with quick shift helps utilise the performance fully.

1974 FORD ESCORT Mk1 1300E - £21,695 Or Near...

The standard four-speed gear knob has been 1300 e escort ford on the selector. The original stamped service book highlights the car returning to the same Main Dealer until fodd At this time the car had covered ewcort, miles. Then on w 23rd June the car was purchased by Mr Watt. Inthe car was purchased by Mr Bennett. Once purchased by Mr Bennett, the car underwent a full esclrt repaint, to a very high standard. This was purely down to storage marks, not poor condition. Hence the car was not restored, it was simply repainted.

Also present are the original booklets within the original wallet, as well as various details of the E specification when new. When Mr Bennett purchased the car indebated for some time, as to whether to have the car repainted in the original Sahara Beige or leave it in the original paintwork, the only reason for this was due to storage marks, as the car had been stored for the 12 years prior. Eventually he decided to get the paint looking its best again, stripping the car, for a full windows out repaint. All the panels are original panels, this car did not need any restoration works, it was simply a repaint in the original colour which was required.

The condition of this car really is remarkable.

The seats show no signs of wear, and the bases are still nice and escotr, which for a MK1 Escort is fantastic. The 6 pot walnut dash is in great condition, with everything working just as it should do. Door cards are again, in original and remarkable condition.