Vivien Escort London

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Vivien, 25, Bayswater Asian Escort

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I live a very healthy life style, I am a non smoker and a light drinker. I am petite and firm - size 6 body with silky smooth skin, stand 5'4 with long legs and slender figure, I exercise on a daily basis, work hard for my health and fitness. Meeting me I am simply myself when I am with clients: My regular clients describe me as earthy, real, uninhibited. Men shower gel, mouthwash and fresh towel will be provided. I will keep our meeting discreet and private, I expect you the same. If you would like to arrange a meeting please call me between 8am- 8pm.

I normally wake up early for the gym, I am more than happy to meet you before work, morning sex is always the best to start the day: I will try my best to meet your requirements. Withheld number will be ignored - Yes I need to know your number and I will not contact you outside our arrangement. Please respect me, do not call me after 9pm, there's nothing that we have to talk about when I'm not available.