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For a moment, I considered this. I was new at school—shy, Head giving sluts, and homely; these boys had investment banker Heda and lacrosse sticks they dragged onto the bus and invitations Head giving sluts every single bar mitzvah. Maybe aluts the long term, the consequences of me not doing it would be far, far worse than sucking it up pun intended. I have a girlfriend. Were you actually gonna do it? I was the slut who givung to give a boy head in the back of the bus. It is a part of my identity I feel I cannot change or control. But my story of being slut-shamed pales in comparison to those of the countless other women who have been similarly sexually humiliated.

My story is nothing compared to that of Rehtaeh Parsonswho committed suicide after facing taunts and harassment from her classmates when video footage of her brutal gang-rape went viral; Amanda Toddwho also took her own life after she was shamed for flashing a stranger on the Internet; Alyssa Funkewho hung herself when she was outed for doing an amateur porn film; or Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Scarlett Johanssonor any of the countless other women who have had nude photos of themselves leaked onto the Internet without permission.

Part of the lack of conversation surrounding slut-shaming can be attributed to the stigma of admitting that you have been slut-shamed. Thus, a woman can be slut-shamed for talking about slut-shaming. This issue is so much bigger than any one person.

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