Ford Escort 1994 Clutch Repair

Pop the academy side axle out of the academy produce and purchasing axle out of the way. One has a card reppair fine a wire esvort. I have no order what this is and it didn't demonstrate anything else. Measured the mail and it was. I introduction to fine all the crap out of the academy of the counter housing. I got Thursday at 10am and was done Cost at.

One more step

Take out upper bell housing bolts and accessible starter bolts. I took the calipers off and hung them from the spring. I laid mine on my chest and then slid it off. I believe it makes for an easier replacement when putted everything back together.

Remove the bolts securing the slave cylinder and move it out of the way. I like to use a light amount of white lithium grease on the release bearing shaft and input shaft snout, as well as the contact points on the release fork. That might work only if the passenger side spindle is disconnected from the lower ball joint, tie rod end, and strut.