Exposed Escort

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Around the world, sex workers are doing what they can to protect themselves and each other.

Insta-Hookers Sites Claim To Expose ‘Instagram Models’ As Escorts

Exposed escort As a result of the oppressive taboo placed upon the buying and selling of sex, black market organizations fill in the void created by prohibition, similar to alcohol, drugs and other industries considered sinful. Exploitation and criminal activity. The websites are outrageously misogynistic, to say the least. For the women who actually are escorts, being listed and slandered on such websites despite having done nothing illegal can have disastrous effects on their personal and professional lives. This day started to be recognized back in in France when a group of sex workers met in a church to discuss the difficulties associated with their line of work.

The first time a sex buyer makes their first purchase averages 25 years old while the average age for the first sale for a sex worker averages 26 years of age.