Escort Fiesta Parade Razzle

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I suppose youre always too tied up to bother ; My paradd daughter once showed up in razzle. I never saw it, and frankly wouldnt want to, but two of my brothers in law mentioned it. Neither of them was her father, thankfully Dog My Grandad is one of the lemonparty crew. Or used to be, not sure if she's still in the "biz". Was flicking thru channels one evening and saw a documentary of her, they followed her around for a few days. I thought blimey that looks like. I enjoyed their wedding: D there were a few potential actors there Im sure! The Cat The daughter of one of the teaching assistants at my other halfs school got her baps out in Nuts or Zoo.

Work collegues of her father plastered pictures of her all over his car.

Alison Howard

Special K She wasn't a bad looker actually, but it's fair to say that once all the boys got a glimpse of her old clopper, she got a lot more attention in class. About 25 years ago my mate dumped all his old porn on me after his new bird expressed a dislike huh, some birds eh? Anyway i was looking at all the VHS tapes he had given me. He had set up a camera recording from the top of the TV i reckon, whilst he boned his missus on the sofa. I had to get rid ASAP. Of course today, it would have been all over the interweb within about 5 seconds!

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