Cos Play Sluts

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Jinkies Daphne, You’re Always Getting Into Sticky Situations

The Cos play sluts thing about cosplay girls is that their average age is years old. Playing Co of Duty and Portal nonstop. At any rate, if you agree with this sentiment, feel free to cross post it. Because as someone who grew up being ostracized for being a dork ass outsider, someone who was routinely ridiculed by girls for not liking sports and trendy music I can I.

I have Cos play sluts personally had sex with a cosplay girl but I have friends in the age group who have and the general consensus is that the girls respond to a cock in their hands in roughly the same fashion as they would if you were to hand them the throttle stick on a Mig jet rocketing towards the ground and ordered them to pull out of an active tailspin, namely confusion bordering on terror. Great dumbass, you think playing video games makes you an intellectual elite with a taste for high quality fantasy? Go to any convention and try this: