97 Ford Escort Serpentine Belt

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Raise and support serpenfine vehicle 5. Remove the RH engine splash shield 6. Remove the crankshaft pulley bolt and the crankshaft pulley 7. Align the timing marks 8. Loosen the timing belt tensioner bolt. Remove the timing belt. Install the timing belt over the sprockets in a counterclockwise direction starting at the crankshaft.

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Keep Local escorts 14904 belt span 97 ford escort serpentine belt the crankshaft to the camshaft tight while installing the timing belt over the camshaft. Tighten the timing belt tensioner bolt 3. Roll the engine over two times 97 ford escort serpentine belt recheck the timing marks 4. Install the crankshaft pulley 5. Install the RH engine splash shield 6. Install the outer engine front cover 7. I see now that the drill bit is just to hold something in place. I'm glad to hear that you're a Ford technician given the fact that there is so much confusion on this engine. I will accept your answer. But I have one more question regarding this engine, and will pay you a tip for answering it: As you know this engine is known for dropping valve seats.

I'm wondering if I should do something to prevent that from happening. Unfortunately I have no idea how many of these engines have this problem and neither does my mechanic. Do you have any idea what percentage of these engines experience this mode of failure. The technician will loosen the tensioner to allow slack in the belt. After removing the old belt, the technician will route the new one over the accessories, then release the tensioner so that it puts tension on the belt. The vehicle will then be started to check that the belt has been properly routed.

The vehicle may have multiple tensioners and idler pulleys that the belts ride on. This would be a good time to inspect them for bearing wear and replace as needed. It is also important to inspect the accessory pulleys, especially in the case where a relatively new belt was shredded or thrown off.

Worn or stuck escorf can damage a new belt in short order. What to look out for when dealing with serpentine belt issues Belts can be referred to as serpentine belts, accessory belts, drive belts, fan belts, alternator belts, water pump belts, or V-Belts depending on vehicle application. It is important to order the correct one for your specific vehicle. Belts can also differ by optional equipment, such as air conditioning. Such cases will provide a range in belt size.