1999 Ford Escort Zx2 Sport Specs

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Take the "Z" from Ford's Zetec engine, then apply an "X" to denote twenty-something Generation Xers targeted by the car's marketing plan, plus a "2" for the two-door coupe concept. That chassis was enlarged and strengthened with a revamped front structure and more rear braces to absorb shocks.

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It feels notably stiff, which helps to reduce noise and vibrations and also adds to the car's overall control. Review continues below Ford Escort Page 3 One-piece stampings for side body panels give an additional boost to the ZX2's rigidity, which Rare escorts wisconsin turn creates a solid feel and a stable ride. Improved door hinges and increased seals and insulation further dampen noise and set up a pleasant interior environment. Wide open spaces Dimensions inside seem generous — with good legroom and headroom for front seats and an expanded width so riders don't feel so squeezed together in a wee compartment.

In our test, the ZX2 stretched beyond the romp over Jubilee Pass with two passengers aboard, plus luggage for the three of us. Extended time cooped inside some subcompacts can be torture, but this journey actually seemed comfortable, even with all our luggage tucked into a cavernous trunk. The interior is flexible as well as comfy.

The driver's low-back bucket seat employs an adjustable seatback recliner with a mechanical memory lever — after tilting forward to allow a passenger to reach the rear seat, the back of the seat returns to its original setting. Rear seatbacks split and fold in unequal portions to create various expansions for cargo and riders. The airbags shield front-seat occupants, and the ZX2 uses a number of other covert systems for safety, ranging from the steel superstructure with built-in crash zones in front and back to door side-impact braces, plus the option of a four-channel anti-lock 1999 ford escort zx2 sport specs system.

Then, the ZX2 has those unique trim choices — it can be Cool or Hot. Other standards at base level include the manual transmission, power steering, split folding rear seatbacks, variable intermittent windshield 1999 ford escort zx2 sport specs, twin exterior mirrors with manual controls, a digital clock, and remote decklid release. It's built on the Escort sedan platform, but uses a completely different body. It came out last year and continues to be offered in base "Cool" and uplevel "Hot" trim, with a Sport package adding a spoiler, fog lamps and inch wheels. It's also slightly longer and wider than the sedan and all the body panels are unique.

The shape is muscular and wedged, with a few well-placed creases, and should please most tastes. We drove the Hot version this time around, and about the only difference we can see is the body-color side strips that run between the fender wells, and the addition of a second outside mirror. Ours was fitted with a sporty set of optional five-spoke alloy wheels and performance tires with a grippier compound than the standard units. We liked the trunk hinges with their gas-charged supports, which made opening and closing the hatch effortless, and maximized cargo space. The driver sits up high and it's spacious for a small coupe, with plenty of head and legroom - up front, at least.

An optional power moonroof takes up some precious headroom, but shouldn't affect those six-feet tall or under. The back seat is best left for kids or short hops across town with adults, but it is more comfortable and roomy than many others in its class. The front seats fold and rock forward when released, which makes access to the rear easier. Our Hot test model added air conditioning, a rear window defroster, keyless remote entry and a color-keyed four-spoke steering wheel. Lots of other optional equipment is available as well.