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There was so much interest in Allie after the book escrot out that she agreed to field reader ewcort on the blog. They are paraphrased below, along with Allie's answers. Can you tell us how you became an escort, and what your family thinks — or knows — about your occupation? My parents don't know about my work, or anything else about my sex life. I was a programmer when I decided to quit my job and become an escort. I was single and meeting people through a popular dating website. Finding someone "special" proved to be difficult, but I did meet many nice men.

I had grown up in a repressive small town and I was, at that time, looking to understand my own sexuality. I have never attached my self-worth to some idea of virginity or monogamy, but I still had not really explored many of my desires. I was meeting people living alternative lifestyles, and, as I got to know them, the stereotypes that I had built up started to come apart. During this time I was in my mid-twenties, and I had an active sex life. One day I decided to enter the occupation of "escort" on an online instant messaging profile.

Within seconds I had many responses, and after about a week of talking to a few people, I decided to meet a dentist at a hotel. The experience wasn't glamorous or nearly as sexy as I thought it might be. However, I came away from the experience thinking, "It wasn't bad. Eventually, I chose to work as an escort exclusively. At that time, the Rate my escort I gave up my programming job was the free time. I was caring for a family member with a serious illness—the free time and money was a huge benefit. Do you have any moral problem with what you do?

I do not have a moral problem with having sex for money, as long as it's safe, and between consenting adults. However, I have always been concerned about how the social and legal issues may affect my future and the people that I love. What kind of clients do you have? They tend to be doctors, lawyers, and businessmen looking to get away for a few hours in the middle of the day. How many of your clients are married men? Almost all of my clients are married. I'm not trying to justify this business, but these are men looking for companionship. The major issue was that people would ask beforehand how much money I wanted.

It was all a bit daunting. I decided to be extremely unhelpful and leave it up to them. I only met them in well-known locations such as Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Nobu etc. These guys are the jackpot, but because they are so busy they will also cancel on you a bunch of times due to being so busy… I assume this is why they find girls using this site. It has to be said however, from my experience, the majority ARE middle-aged, Middle Eastern, men who do want to sleep with you. They also tend to be really clingy. Vic Beretton, the author of this story. That said I had a good experience overall. Very, very intimate details. I really felt violated at first. I found this hard to believe, because it's not like he could walk into the statehouse and brag about how much cash he was dropping on hookers.

It's not a 'girlfriend experience. They want a girlfriend experience. Or at least the part of the girlfriend experience in which she pretends to be fascinated while you talk about yourself. So more like a first-date experience.

What does a client get for $1,000 an hour?

But many clients, she told me, talk a lot about how much they love their wives. It's not as much like cheating. If I were a wife, I would definitely prefer my husband cheated with a professional than a civvy. There's no chance of her stealing him away, and the sex is safer.