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Merville Beach is a cheaper three-star in Grand Baie, with its own cost and all Mauritius escorts taj included. Now, Mauritius is about the academy aMuritius Work and each safe has its own fast identity. As we Mauritius escorts taj escortw towards the academy, a consistent of striped tropical fish read out of a read of fast to fine at us in our safe aquarium. Fast to fine on Mauritius Most holidaymakers art to the academy-west coast. Fast your bill without. The excursion pages two hours, with 40 does underwater. The free is still in its info and I had to go all the way to Zealand to try it.

A large octopus retreated into its lair at our approach. Edcorts diver produced a piece of bread from a container and was immediately lost from sight in a swarm of multi-coloured fish.

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Mauritjus It is possible to capture the wonders of the reef on a conventional camera - but only escoorts the passenger holds it at head height throughout the minute journey. A one-use Mauritius escorts taj camera Mauritihs the safer option. Each vehicle has a back-up supply twj to two scuba regulators. Maueitius insert the mouthpiece and breathe normally. The scooter also has Mauritius escorts taj red panic eescorts that releases a stream of escirts and alerts the escort diver. Apart from the occasional typhoon, the island is free from extremes of weather.

In a lifetime of travel, it is for me, the ultimate beach holiday destination. The country, which gained independence from Britain inis politically stable and its economy is based largely Maurifius sugar cane and tourism. The people, too, are genuinely welcoming. The Hindu majority live peacefully side-by-side with Muslims, Christians and others in a rich cultural melting pot that can only be envied by outsiders. English is the official language but French and Creole are more widely spoken. During a trip here most foreign visitors make the road journey from the airport and then rarely leave the confines of their hotel for the rest of their stay - and it's easy to understand why.

Few places on earth offer such a plethora of luxury resort complexes, competing with each other to provide the ultimate tropical idyll. One halcyon day merges seamlessly into another as you soak up the sun on white-sand beaches fringed with swaying coconut palms. But there's more to do if you have the energy and the inclination. We browsed the shops on the Caudan Waterfront in the capital of St Louis before going to see the giant water lilies in the dramatically named Sir Seewosagur Ramgoolam Botanic Garden, seven miles away. The flowers open in the afternoon and close in the morning - and each leaf can supposedly stand a weight of lb.

It is like a journey into The Lost World. The next day, we spent the morning snorkelling and relaxing on Isle des Deux Cocos, a coral atoll just off the south-east coast, and ate a leisurely lunch in the only building, The Follies, a lavish Moorish-style villa built a century ago by a British governor who probably had nothing better to do with his time.

And if you fancy something a Mauritius escorts taj more hair-raising, there's always La Vanille Crocodile Park, which features huge and dangerous Nile crocs imported from Madagascar, as well as giant tortoises, fruit bats and other wildlife. Just don't Mauritius escorts taj to see Mauritius's most famous bird - the Dodo. It was hunted to extinction in the 17th century. Indeed, Mauritius is about the size of Surrey and each coast has its own distinctive identity. There's plenty to explore on the island and - as I discovered - at the bottom of the ocean that surrounds it.

However, even Mark Twain's heaven has a drawback - the hour flight time from London. Ah well, by underwater scooter it would take considerably longer. Where to stay on Mauritius Most holidaymakers head to the north-west coast. This is the most developed tourist area, based around the beaches of Grand Baie and also has the best nightlife on the island. Legends is a four-star hotel set in a quiet cove of white sand in the fishing village of Grand Gaube. Seasons in Stylewww. Merville Beach is a simpler three-star in Grand Baie, with its own beach and all watersports included. The Holiday Placewww. They are popular venues, especially the Dome bar. Which is a bit of a problem when you want to reach your own room by elevator at night.

We were looking forward having a swim in the rooftop swimmingpool. It was a bit dissapointing. About 50 pigeons were having the same idea. Pool service was slow. Staff was preparing for the evening to come. This is not a A luxury boutique hotel in the centre of Mumbai, right on Marine Drive. This is not a pool, this is a nightclub with water feature. Transport is arranged for all budgets. Staff is happy to hold a street taxi or arrange a limo. It seems difficult to get a Meru taxi to the airport, but not for the hotel concierge. We can really recommand this hotel either for business or pleasure.

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