Ford Escort Ignition Removal

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I found the information on a ford focus owner's forum online, and escor documented how I did the repair. As long as the problem is the same, the solution is probably similar. If the rmoval won't turn, it ignitiob be a problem like this one. If the ignituon turns but the engine doesn't want to start, then look elsewhere for the problem. Good luck Ford escort ignition removal your repair! They "get all the money" but you can code it to your old key. A little tedious but rather simple. The instructions require the key code, getting it is worse than pulling teeth, but if you don't destroy the old cylinder taking it out the plungers are numbered.

So you could just copy it. It needs to be done before the cylinder is totally stuck or you will destroy it trying to take it apart. There's a special tool to fit the cap but all it does is peen over the edges nice and neatly. If you take care on a clean surface you can do a nice job with the end of a screwdriver. There is a small switch there whose purpose is to make the beeper work when you have the key in and the door open. It has a white wire running to it.

I cut that white wire, because I wanted to be able to have iynition door open and listen to the radio - without the darn beep. It still beeps rscort you shut ignution motor off with the running lights on - which is fine. It is a little more involved if what you want to do is to replace the ignition lock which would result in having a new key that only fit the ignition. You still have to remove the steering wheel, and unbolt the column from the underside of the dashboard. This isnt too difficult. There are two 'tamper resistant' bolts clamping the 'lock' to the column. You need to chisel a slot in them, so you can use a hefty screwdriver to remove the bolts.

Fix Your Stuck Ford Ignition

You would replace them with ordinary bolts afterward. Its probably a good idea to disconnect the battery before you do this. If your car has airbags, disconnect the battery and wait about 5 minutes before you start to remove the airbag from the steering wheel.