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You did not specizl required verification Ewcort Your email was rude, vulgar or too graphic We do not waste our time with emails that are short or child like for example "You're hot" or "I want to see you now! If you are truly interested in meeting us, it is our belief that you will introduce yourself properly and provide us with the required screening information to make us feel comfortable and safe. Please make sure to include your name, cell phone number.

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Again, the more we know about you and your expectations, the better your experience will be. Do you offer half hour appointments? No, we do not offer half hour appointments. Appointments must be scheduled for an hour EEscort longer. Specia do however, offer a discounted rate when you book an appointment that is 2 hours or more. Monteal Far in advance do I have to Escodt my appointment? We required your name and telephone jontreal that we can call back on it, Specjal need to Campus boys escorts exactly where you are and montrdal you wish to schedule the appointment!

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