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They went beyond, believe me. They worked on it all night. When I get back Escort 22546 Rhode Island I will be writing them a letter. They were absolutely wonderful! My first choice was to take my car to the Nissan dealership in Richmond, Virginia but what I found is that the place was very expensive. It costs eighty dollars just for the diagnosis. We usually don't have that in Canada, I would say we pay the diagnosis if we don't get the car repaired there, but if the car is repaired in the same place, I shouldn't have to pay for anything as far the diagnosis is concerned because they charged me.

The car was inside for three hours and they charged me one hundred and eighty-six dollars just for time, and they didn't do anything for two hours. They didn't do anything on the car, all they did was change the battery because they had to change the alternator, and anyways that's why I sort of found that I got ripped off a little. The car was, let me say the alternator went, and they took care of me right away so I could continue on my way. They handled it in a professional manner. They're very professional, courteous, and they took care of my needs and took care of me right away.

I'm an ACC master tech.

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I could fix the whole thing in a heartbeat, but I was stuck in a rainstorm with no tools. I told them what I needed but hoses were not put back and the problem was Escort 22546 fixed. I had to rent a car. I had Sluts on hidden camera take the car back. I told him the hose was not connected and water was leaking into the car. He said that the hose should be like that. I called him and told him the floorboard was wet. He said that he would call me back and I have not heard from him. I am a mechanic's daughter and I am a race car driver.

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