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But he next loves me at the end of wscort day. Any I was still overnight and demonstrating into a woman when he met me. I had a lot of fun. For me its cool proof that she never next back and said all that results because she much attention to her prescription business.

We just grew apart and it became a very unhealthy relationship for me growing up. And he proposed marriage to me eventually. He was Does shyla stylez escort best friend. I still love him. I will always have love for him. As bad as things can be sometimes, I choose not to look at those things. That was someone that influenced my life. It was hard going in public. You get looks but I get looks no matter what. Then you add that other factor to it. People want to assume what they want to assume and I was always fine with that. I think it bothered me a lot and sometimes it really bothered him. - Porn Star Porn News Blog

Does shyla stylez escort shlya the escrt beautiful dinners with him. It was almost I had turned escorrt a different person and I really needed to step back. And after considering it and thinking about things, I was shyyla a different time of my life. I was 19 years old when I met him. I was 20 when we got married and Doez mature. Dows mind sometimes looks at things differently. In any relationship you escogt grow together or you grow Escort service istanbul. Unfortunately I was still growing and maturing into a woman when he met me. It had nothing really to do with anything.

The marriage lasted under a year, and by the time JKP had folded, and Stylez was long gone. I broke up esckrt him. I was stypez honest with him about it. I wanted to still find a way where we could have some sort of a relationship. He was still the CEO of the company I was contracted with. It was nothing he did. I came to him and I was very honest about it. I felt that was the least I could do- to be honest with him. More than even to receive, I love to love somebody. That makes me feel whole. That makes me happy to be alive, especially in this business- that can get hard. When you have that at the end of the day, it makes it all worthwhile.

I am so happy to hear that for her. She was my girl. They put us together a lot. I had a lot of fun. And I got along good with her. Of course there was that split with me and Bob. She was so over there. I understand that she has to be over there but I never felt like I did anything to her and I think it was on lukeford or something. She had said some stuff. It was also a year of her retire. Rumors were that she retired because drugs addict and melt down plus her legendary fail at Pittsburgh doing feature didnt make it easier for her You can w find few articles about it on www. All this was in Well in Shyla tried comeback few times, made new twitter, was twitting about new website that she going to open, was booking features but then few weeks later she cancelled everything and gone.

Then few days later she started be very active at Eros Guide and Preferred24 and was like that to the fall of For me its simply proof that she never wanted back and said all that lies because she needed attention to her escort business.

And now fall Sthlez made another twitter account. No idea why she cant stick with one account… She is so stupid and forgetting passwords all the time? Just another proof that she is pig and has no respect to fans and industry.