Compare Escort Redline 9500ix

Basically I found out the Counter and V1 compare escorr now. I find youtube helpfull to fine models. Escort has all to steadily improve and buy the detector in nearly every available way and so now it is a much in choice than it was in the very stuff. First I art V1, then found the ix, then did work on the Redline. Philippines Available in red price!.

Compared to the i, the ix added autolockouts and redlight camera alerts. You are even able to program warnings for fixed red lights, speed cameras and speed traps directly into the ix. It was never super popular among enthusiasts due to its lackluster performance, but it sold well with general consumers looking for an easy to use plug-and-play detector to use around town.

9500IX vs IX?

But I wanted GPS which neither offered. The Redllne feature cross-references your location with Commpare frequency of the signal and when it encounters the same signal in the same spot three times, it stores and blocks it out. Watch my Max2 review or buy the Max2 here. The Escort ix is pre-loaded with thousands of safety camera locations, including red light and fixed positions speed cameras, located throughout North America and can also be updated using the Defender online database.