Tantric Sex Singles

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Within our Ecstatic Living community, the term "partnered" refers to configurations such as couples, triads, paired sec, etc. If we participate as a Twntric, can we work together exclusively? Yes, people who are partnered may work together exclusively in our Ecstatic Living and SkyDancing Tantra seminars and other events. Near the beginning of each of our events, a time is set aside for all participants to share their intentions and boundaries with the group.

***Tantra for Singles

What Tantric sex singles I'm single? Can I still participate? Therefore, we encourage solo participants while they are participating in our introductory weekend events to find the partners that they will need in order to participate in our advanced weekend seminars and private events. After each of our seminars, you can practice the exercises you learned by yourself as a meditation or with people you met in our Ecstatic Living community. Here is a quote from Margot Anand that is pertinent to participating solo: Are your events pair-balanced?

These introductory events are community-focused and explore Tantric sex singles our "solo" experience cultivates our connections to others our partners, friends, family, and community. People who register together as partners for these events may choose to work exclusively together or with others. If I come as a single, will you provide me a partner? As a solo participant, we invite you to consider your intention for participating in our Ecstatic Living seminars and other events. Are you looking for a casual acquaintance? All of these are beautiful intensions. Whatever your own intention may be, we encourage you to open your heart to all of your fellow participants for each one of them is your ally in realizing your dreams.

Will there be nudity? Will there be sex? There is no explicit sexual activity such as sexual intercourse or oral sex in any of our seminars. Just like life is not all about sex, Tantra is not all about sex. The same goes for Ecstatic Living and its teachings. Sex is an aspect of Tantra just like sex is an aspect of life. Tantra is a spiritual path that embraces everything in our lives, including our sexuality. What if I'm uncomfortable doing an exercise? May I partner-up with the same gender? The practice helps people with self-acceptance, which can make them more ready to be in a relationship with someone else.

And, it can definitely help you get your game Tantric sex singles before you have someone specific you wish to play with. Singles can do a lot of practice on their own to make themselves more ready for an intimate relationship. Corynna says, "If the man hasn't practiced prolonging pleasure on his own, then Tqntric certainly won't be very successful singgles he adds a partner to the mix. And if a woman isnt familiar with her own body and comfortable discussing her likes and dislikes it will be difficult to guide her partner. Again meditation is key.

If we can focus our own mind then we can more powerfully focus on a partner. It can come out as scoffing, humor or anger. In this world we spend SO much time involved in mental pursuits computers, GPS, cell phones, business, work, etc. If we can just come together and align our breath, focusing on the physical, the feeling of air filling our lungs and slowly leaving, taking tension, worry, scoffing, anger with it as it goes. Feeling is so much more powerful than doing.