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In addition to tracking air and sea contacts and reporting their course and speed, CIC also assisted in station keeping, fire control, shore bombardment, navigation and search and rescue. The CIC was the nerve center and eyes of the ship whenever the ship was underway by night, day, fog, rain, snow or clear skies. The value of the Combat Information Center in the destruction of enemy submarines was considerable. Once a destroyer escort detected a submarine, it could attack with hedgehogs and depth charges. The hedgehog projector was designed to fire twenty-four projectiles at a submarine ahead of a destroyer escort while the ship still had sonar contact with the target.

World War II sonar scanned only ahead, so contact was always lost when an attacking ship got over Tailfins escort submarine in order to drop Escort in indianapolis services charges. The hedgehog projector solved this Tailfins escort. Hedgehog projectiles were loaded on a launcher consisting of cylindrical bars called spigots, attached to cradles, which swung about a fore and aft axis by means of a roll correction gear assembly mounted on a gun train indicator pedestal. The movement was limited, but it allowed the spigots to train enough to compensate for roll of the ship and to aid in leading the target.

The spigots are so positioned that, when fired, the charges described an elliptical pattern of about by feet. Hedgehog projectiles carried a contact fuze, meaning a direct hit on the submarine was required. Nevertheless, even the small charge carried in the projectile head was lethal. There were two depth charge racks on the stern and four depth charge projectors on each side of the ship to fire depth charges outward. The depth charge, with its to pounds of TNT, was the traditional antisubmarine weapon. However, a depth charge barrage required a high degree of accuracy, particularly against double-hulled German U-boats.

The "water hammer" effect of a pound depth charge required an explosion within thirty yards of the submarine hull for damage and ten yards for a kill. The pound depth charge's lethal area was considerably enlarged. During the war, the Navy introduced a new type of charge with a "teardrop" shape and tail fins, like aerial bombs, to make them sink faster. Depth charges were detonated by hydrostatic pressure, with depth set before firing. Later models also had magnetic impulse detonators which would fire when in proximity to a submarine. Japanese submarines, lacking the hull strength and depth tolerance of their German counterparts, were more vulnerable to destruction by this weapon.

Both types could be fired individually or by director fire control. The 3" guns were frequently criticized as lacking in penetration power against double-hulled U-boats. The 5" type was far more effective. In addition to the above weapons, a destroyer escort had a secondary battery of about eight 20mm machine guns and one quadruple 1. Although designed primarily for anti-aircraft defense, these guns were quite often effective antipersonnel weapons. They could quickly sweep an enemy gun crew off the deck of a submarine or keep men pinned down inside the conning tower of a damaged submarine on the surface. The advent of kamikazes in the Pacific induced a hurried and massive addition of 40mm, 20mm, 50 caliber and even 30 caliber machine guns.

It mounts three twin 40mm gun mounts and nine twin 20mm machine gun mounts.

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