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We are not just any rogue agency just sends you any escorts Maui. You are Mauii escorts person of class, style, and taste and require a woman that befits your status. Remember you get to choose who comes over. You have to see her picture first and acknowledge that they are the ideal escort for you before we can send her. It is like giving our clients a personalized service where they get to choose someone that best matches their taste. Next was MiMi's across the street. There were about six girls working, mostly asian but a couple white girls too.

She was very petite with big breast implants that were oversize for her frame. I loved it, so I was happy to buy her a few drinks. Pretty obviously it was just water or tea that she was being served of course. One learns the ropes pretty quickly. She prompted me to buy her drinks often, but I realized it was pretty slow and she wasn't going anywhere. So, I would buy her one when I finished my own drink, and since mine was actually alcoholic, I consumed it much slower. She asked some very direct questions about which hotel I was staying and and would I be busy tomorrow and gave me her phone number. I tried to touch her big, sexy boobs and she wouldn't have it, though.

I bounced at around I was on foot and couldn't find it and was tired of walking, so I just went in to the next one I saw, which was Sandy's. This place felt like a tacky old Chinese restaurant converted into a bar.

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It still had booth seating and tables. There were maybe 6 or 7 girls on duty here as well, though younger looking than at MiMi's. I met a Mongolian girl in her early 20's mentioned in Hawaii Raven's earlier report.